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World of Tanks Asia 2nd Anniversary Party

Onground Events
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Tank Commanders!

Nearly two years ago, World of Tanks began rolling out towards Asia and opening up a local server. Our launch was a huge success and we've been gaining speed ever since, all thanks to you and countless other players who have supported us and the game.

Our second anniversay is coming up fast, and we'd like to acknowledge this milestone by throwing a huge celebration party. Needless to say, you're invited!

World of Tanks 2nd Anniversary Party: Celebrating with Fun and Games (and Food!)

If you've been to one of our Grubfest or Wargaming Gathering events before, you know what to expect: Tanks, Contests and all the food you can eat. This tried-and-tested format will remain largely the same, with a little twist: This time, we're allowing players like you to vote for your favourite in-game activities that we will hold at the event

Vote now, play at the party later

So, what's all this talk of voting about?

To put it simply, we want to make sure that the event will be highly enjoyable for you. We have tons of ideas for activities and contests that we'll hold in-game on our PC terminals at the party, but there's not enough time to go through them all, so we've decided to choose the best ones by a popular vote.

Do you fancy a simple medal challenge, like trying to get a Sniper medal while using a KV-1? What about playing a game of hide-and-seek with an unarmed ELC AMX while your teammates do their best to protect you from your opponents? These are just some of the ideas that we've thought of, and you can choose your favourites in our forum threads (specially created for voting purposes). Have a better idea for an in-game activity? You can tell us, too! The best ones will get to be on the poll, so get creative!

When the voting period is over, we'll tally the results and choose the top three choices, and integrate them to our event schedule for the party happening in your region.

So what're you waiting for? Get voting now! Click the respective buttons below to access the forum thread for the event closest to you:

Vote for the best in-game activity now; choose your country


Tank-painting, Lucky Draws and Cake

In-game events aren't the only thing we have planned for the party. Here's what we're preparing for all participating countries!

  • Paint My Ride: Unleash your creative side! You'll be given enough art materials to paint on a tank's outline on ablank canvas. The final product will be shown on our forums and on social media platforms, so do your best!
  • Lucky Draws: Our lucky draws are back again, and the prizes are still amazing! We're not ready to reveal what they are yet though, so check back soon!
  • Cake cutting: Free cake for every player who visits the event, guaranteed!

Check your calendars: Tentative event dates

The 2nd Anniversary celebrations will be held over a period of time and in multiple cities, so it's important to know when and where the party is! Check the list below to find the one nearest to you:

  • Singapore: 19th April 2014
  • Japan: 19th April 2014
  • Philippines: 26th April 2014
  • Thailand: 26th April 2014
  • Malaysia: 27th April 2014
  • Taiwan: 27th April 2014

See you there!

The 2nd Anniversary Party is set to be an amazing event once again, and we're excited to bring you another night of good fun and food!

Once again, please visit your respective countries' links to vote for your favourite in-game activity to be available at the event, and remember to check back soon for more updates about the event details happening closest to you.