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World of Tanks 3rd Anniversary Player Gathering

Tank Commanders!

It's been a solid three years since World of Tanks first rolled out in Asia for the first time. For the past two years, we've organized a number of truly awesome player gatherings, first with Grubfest, then again with a succession of Wargaming Player Gatherings.

For our 3rd year Anniversary, we're delighted to announce that plans for a celebratory Gathering is now underway and will be held very soon! With a dedicated event for players all over the region, it's our wish that every World of Tanks player in Asia will have the chance to participate in this onground event.

Having a blast with Friends, Food and Fun

So, what exactly should you expect for this Wargaming Gathering, anyway?

For our 3rd Anniversary, we're aiming to achieve a slightly common itinerary for all venues while still offering something special to each country. You'll need to visit each country's event page to get the full details, but these will be present in some form for all venues when on the day itself:

  • Food. Quite possibly the best part of any WGG, expect to see lots of it when you attend this one.
  • Cake cutting. A little ceremony to mark the third year of World of Tanks, this also means free cake for everyone!
  • Contests & Prizes. Want to win some awesome gaming peripherals by Razer and more just by showing up and taking part in some activities during the event? Of course you do.
  • 800Free door gift. Yes, each attendee will be given a code to redeem 800 gold for use in World of Tanks, no questions asked. Limited amounts only, so come early to secure one for yourself!
  • One unique activity per country. Love playing in LAN parties? Get yourself to Australia. Crazy about minigames and having a good time with friends? Malaysia has it, with a World of Tanks theme. Fashion shows exhibiting military uniforms? To Philippines you shall go!

Event dates and timings

Nobody likes to miss a party, especially when they get the dates wrong and show up to an empty venue. Don't be that person; examine the dates below and mark it on your calendar!

Here's a list of countries that will participate in celebrating World of Tanks Asia's 3rd Anniversary, complete with dates:

  • Australia: 11th - 12th April 2015
  • Philippines: 25th April 2015
  • Thailand: 25th April 2015
  • Taiwan: 25th April 2015
  • Malaysia: 25th April 2015
  • Singapore: 25th April 2015

Sign up for your favourite venue here!

Interested in attending WG's 3rd Anniversary Gathering at a venue? You can let us know simply by visiting the special event page that has been set up for each participating country and following the link to the relevant forum post.

The page itself will also contain the full details of the event for the country, including address and full itinerary. Highly useful information to make your final choice!

Australia Event Page Taiwan Event Page Philippines Event Page
Thailand Event Page Singapore Event Page Malaysia Event Page


We hope to see you there! Roll out!