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WGG Australia @ Ironfest

Onground Events
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The Wargaming Gathering Australia which took place on 16 and 17 April was anything but ordinary. We're thrilled to be a part of Ironfest 2016, a boisterous event that has become an annual fixture in the charming little town of Lithgow, Australia. Despite being situated in a mountain valley 150km west of Sydney, this year's event sold over 40,000 tickets and brought together artists, designer-makers, blacksmiths, performers of all kind, musicians, steampunkers, historical re-enactors, machine enthusiasts & hobbyists from all over Australia and the world. 

Wargaming Asia has teamed up with Australian Armoured Vehicle Association (AAVA) to transport vehicles such as the M3A1 Stuart Light Tank, M5 International Half Track, Ferret Scout Car Mark I and Mark II, and Vixen Experimental Scout Car (the only operational one left in the world!) to the event, so that WGG attendees can have the exclusive opportunity to be up close and personal with these fine works of machinery, as well as get into the heart of all the action as part of the battle re-enactment.

Watch the video to get a bird's eye view of the exhilirating battle and keep a look out for the fiery mushroom cloud when a car bursts into flames!

For more unique and unforgettable experiences, be sure to join us for the next Wargaming Gathering!