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[TW] TPGS 2014 Day 3 Review

Onground Events
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Tank Commanders!

Today is the 3rd day of TPGS 2014 where we had the most exciting programs lined up for the day: the appearances of Girls und Panzer Voice Actresses & 3-years-old World of Tanks prodigy as well as TanksAsia Masters Grand Final. This was really an impressive weekend! After reading our first-hand report, please don't forget to check out our World of Tanks Facebook Album too for more pictures of our alluring WG Girls! 


 Wargaming booth Jan 26 (Sunday) program


10:00 The Opening

As it was the start of the weekend, a huge crowd had formed in the morning outside the convention hall. From the expressions on their faces, one could tell that all they were all eager to escape the cold and get into the event hall as soon as possible. Many players and visitors paid a visit to the Wargaming booth today because we had three great activities lined: the appearances of Girls und Panzer Voice Actresses and 3-years-old World of Tanks prodigy Xiang Xiang, as well as TanksAsia Masters Grand Final! This will be an impressive Saturday! 



10:50 Greeting from SerB

At 10:50, a short video featuring Wargaming's VP of Game Design, Sergey Burkatovsky (known as "SerB" by players of World of Tanks) was played at the Wargaming booth where he sent his greetings to the Taiwanese players. He welcomed all players to come to the Wargaming booth in TPGS 2014 to experience all the thrilling game titles: World of Tanks: Xbox 360 EditionWorld of Tanks: Blitz and World of Tanks. To amuse the crowd, he quoted some of his famous lines “When it’s done, it will be done" and "How terrible", and closed off the video by wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year.



11:00 Girls und Panzer Voice Actresses Appearance

At 11:00, the voice actresses of hit anime series Girls und Panzer, Mai Fuchigami and Ikumi Nakagami made an appearance at the Wargaming. These two talented ladies are better known for their roles as the adorable Tank Commander Miho Nishizumi and tank-obsessed loader Yukari Akiyama respectively. Their appearances fired up the atmosphere and incited many cheers from the fans. They greeted the crowd before proceeding to play rock, paper, scissors with 12 players selected from the audience. The players were divided to form two teams that were led by the artistes and they played games against each other. After a fierce battle,  Ikumi Nakagami  emerges the victor. Before they departed the stage, the voice actresses signed autographs for the fans.



12:00 World of Warplanes Show

Mr. Michael Zinchenko hails from Kiev, Ukraine, and is the producer of World of Warplanes. He came on stage to introduce World of Warplanes, the brand-new air combat game by Wargaming. After his speech, many players came forward to ask questions about WoWp, and Michael patiently addressed their queries.


13:00 Tanks prodigy Xiang Xiang


At 13:00, the appearance of 3-years-old World of Tanks prodigy Xiang Xiang captivated the crowd. The little commander was interviewed by the host on stage and despite his young age, he is able to identify tanks such as his favourite KV-S & IS-3. Xiang Xiang then formed a team with the WG Girls to play against a team which was made up of curious participants who wanted to test his WoT skills. Shortly after the battle began, Xiang Xiang’s team was placed at a disadvantage. The WG Girls went down one by one, but Xiang Xiang fought on bravely with his IS-3 before he was the last tank standing. Before the enemy team brought him down, he managed to secure one kill for his team.




14:00 Girls und Panzer Voice Actresses Appearance

At 14:00, the GuP voice actresses Mai Fuchigami and Ikumi Nakagami appeared on stage again to interact with the crowd. One fan asked which their favourite tank to use was and Ikumi Nakagami answered with the Pz. Kpfw. IV. Another fan expressed his wish to see the two voice actresses dance the "Anglerfish Dance" from the anime, and they gamely obliged his request by performing the dance. Then, they played stage games with the audiences and signed autographs on a lucky player's GuP T-shirt. 

15:00 TanksAsia Masters Grand Final

15:00, TanksAsia Masters Season 2 Grand Final, the most important program today begins! The two teams in the finals are PVP Super Friends (who won the semi final yesterday) and Insidious Gaming. These two teams are both very professional teams and they gave the crowds a grand display of their prowess during the matches. PVP Super Friends won the tournament to become the champion once again thanks to their flawless tactical decisions and combat skills. PVP Super Friends Team leader, Batman said that was extremely happy to be the champion again and that the victory marked another milestone for the team. He ended his interview by wishing his mother a happy birthday.


The prize presentation ceremony was held right after the tournament ended. General Manager of Wargaming Asia, Mr. Jasper Nicolas, made a short speech to thank the sponsors and congratulate the three teams who fought hard during the 2-days final. He added that he expects to see more players participating in the Wargaming League in the future, especially Taiwanese players.

Jasper then presented the 3 teams with medals and cheques. When Batman went to claim the trophy, he held it up proudly and cheered aloud amid the colourful confetti raining down on the stage. Everyone present celebrated the moment by erupting into thunderous cheers.

To add on to the happy moment, a lucky draw was held after and WG Girls gave out red packets filled with bonus cards of 1500 gold. One lucky person will receive a premium Type 59 tank in the red packet!

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17:00 Ending



The day ended on a great note after the conclusion of TanksAsia Masters Season 2 with an energetic dance performance by the WG Girls, a mini game - Body Guards and a Final Lucky Draw to decide the third lucky player who will get to have his photo taken with all the WG Girls.



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Would you like to know the program for January 26?

Wargaming Booth Day 4 (Jan 26) Program
 Time  (UTC+8)  Program Detail

Mini Games - Last Tank Standing

Who will be the Ace Tank Commander left standing?


Mini Games - Bumper Cars

1st Lucky Draw

Crash for the win!

Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!


World of Warplanes Introduction

Speech by World of Warplanes producer Michael Zinchenko


2nd Lucky Draw

Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!


Mini Games - Models Mayhem

Think  you are better than the WG Girls? Challenge them!


3rd Lucky Draw

Cosplay Tank Girls

Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!

Who resembles a tank most?


Mini  Games - Are you sure?

4th Lucky Draw

Q&A, who dares, wins!

Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!


5th Lucky Draw

Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!


Mini Games - Roaches Battle

Light tanks 7v7 random battles!


Hot Dance

Grand Lucky Draw

Mini Game - Body Guards

Final Lucky Draw

Hot Dance from hot WG Girls!

Feeling lucky for the New Year? Try your luck!

It's everyone's responsibility to protect the VIP!

Take a photo with the WG girls... but only limited to one lucky chap!


Please note that the event schedule may be subject to change.


Game Showcases

What's a game convention without a showcase of some of our newest games? In this year's TpGS, we'll be giving a demonstration of some of our upcoming releases, such as World of Tanks: Xbox 360 EditionWorld of Tanks: Blitz, and of course, World of Tanks itself. We have set aside ample space in our booth for everyone to have a go at these games, so be sure to drop by for a spin!


Quest Card mini-game

At our Wargaming booth, you can get a Quest Card where you can fulfill quests in return for great prizes. Each Quest Card will display a checklist filled with three tasks that you will have to accomplish. Once you've completed the tasks within, you'll be able to redeem some cool World of Tanks premiums such as t-shirts, dog tags and more.  It's that easy!


And remember! Do not miss our Taipei Game Show Hunt Us Down event! Earn 500for yourself! 

Tank commanders! There are only 2 days left for TPGS 2014, if you have not come to our booth yet, please visit us as soon as possible!