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[Results] [VN] 7-8 Jun 2014 Cybercafe Challenge

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Tank Commanders in Vietnam!

The Cybercafe Challenges on June 7th and 8th have concluded! The events held at Ho Chi Minh city would not be successful without your support.

Over 50 players have managed to complete the challenge within the two days of the event, including a total of 6 Tank Aces. As a reward, each player will receive 1,000 gold. Aces will be awarded even more due to their outstanding performance. Enjoy your gold!

Missed out on the Cybercafe Challenge? Don't worry - the next one will be held this weekend, so come and join us!

See you again soon!

[Results] [VN] 7 June 2014 Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

1st place — Al_capone1899 —Reward: 5,000+ 1,000

2nd place — KnightD —Reward: 3,000+ 1,000

3rd place — Heoconbeomap —Reward: 2,000+ 1,000

These players will be rewarded with 1,000
Xecapcuu, Boolyn, batman1408, zzBozz, Sahra, Whiteknight2311, Kanonier, Real_steal_no1, SG_05_HMT, TierCTrafficPolice, _Teresa_, DominonAdveha, boilttiachop, TankerViet, tieutieuphatcou, Heouxau, xxryujinjakkaxx, zbeuz, z2z, megamanrock, _sAs_, Sniper_pro_, xxkissxxx, o0oskymantao0o, 7anker_, Jsoap_mactarish, Bosskingpro, zzBoOzz, prothu14441, hetnick, Wint3rnight, rhino00121, IMT_Amazona, Lifeordie, Bacsikinhdi

[Results] [VN] 8 June 2014 Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

1st place — LifeOrDie —Reward: 5,000+ 1,000

2nd place — tuk 1997 —Reward: 3,000+ 1,000

3rd place — xXRyujinJakkaXx —Reward: 2,000+ 1,000

These players will be rewarded with 1,000
Tank_Vie, Tientieuphatcau, MrBee_VT, Al_Capone1899, LadiesKiller, Nh0cn0, TankerViet, Red_Rocks, _BaneElemental_, T9011, knightD, buikimthanh, megamanrock, heouxau, I Tigerkind I, zZBo0Zz, v_vav_satthu007, T9012, mrnonstop