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[PH] Pinoy Tank Pride Tournament Grand Finals

Tank Commanders in the Philippines!

The Qualifiers for the Pinoy Tank Pride Tournament has been an impressive show of skill from all local commanders. But we're not done yet; the Grand Finals are coming, and the winning teams from each representative city will join in the fight to determine the ultimate champion.

The full details can be found below, including the date/time of the matches and the names of all participating teams. Be sure to catch all the action online as it happens!

Note: Pinoy Tank Pride Shirts will be shipped for the winners at the end of the month (November 2015).

Pinoy Tank Pride Tournament: Grand Finals

Date 28th - 29th November 2015
Time 1PM onwards

Note: Live streaming of the matches can be viewed at

  • Quezon City: Team PVP QC
  • Manila: Team RIOT
  • Caloocan City: Team Bucket Pa More
  • Cavite City: Team Zidhenz
  • Davao City: Team Subzero Elite
  • Cagayan De Oro City: Team Wood PC Warriors
  • General Santos City: Team Gensan Allied Tankers
  • Iligan City: Team Starscrew
  • Cebu City: Team Real Men Wear Pink
  • Iloilo City: Team HASH T7

Round 1: Brackets

  • Single Elimination - for picking winner and loser for different bracket.
  • 7 Mins, Bo5
  • Total will be 43 mins (including 2 mins break time)
  • Match Start time: 28th November @ 13:00 UTC+8

Map: Himmelsdorf


Map: Lakeville


Map: Mines


Map: Ruinberg


Map: Lakeville


Round 2: Brackets

  • Round Robin - 5 teams in each Winner or Loser Bracket.
  • 7 Mins, Bo3
  • Total will be 160 mins (including 2 mins break time and 15 mins break for each round)
  • Random Map from Map Pool
  • Match Start time: 28th November @ 15:00 UTC+8
  • Round 1: 15:00
  • Round 2: 15:40
  • Round 3: 16:20
  • Round 4: 17:00

Round 3: Brackets

  • Single Elimination - the top 3 teams from Winner Bracket and Top 1 team from Loser Bracket will be seeded to Semi-finals and Grand Finals.
  • 7 Mins, Bo7
  • Random Map from Map Pool
  • Match Start time: 29th November @ 13:00 UTC+8
  • Semi-finals: 13:00
  • Grand Finals and 3rd Place match: 14:30

Rules and Regulations

Battle Format

  • Semi-Finals (Rounds 1 & 2) will be held on Saturday 28 November, 2015.
    • ROUND 1 will be a Best of 5 Battle, Single Elimination Format to determine brackets for Round 2 ( Winner and Loser Bracket )
    • ROUND 2 will be a Best of 3 Battle, Round Robin Format per Bracket. Top 3 teams from Winners Bracket and Top 1 Team from Losers Bracket move to the next round
  • Finals (Round 3) will be held on Sunday 29 November, 2015.
    • ROUND 3 will be a Best of 7 Battle, Single Format

Tournament Rules

  • Tier Limit
    • A team with the full complement of 7 tanks will be allowed to access a maximum of 54 available tier points.
    • Teams with less than 7 tanks are not required to decrease their available tier points. (6 tanks can still have 54
      available tier points)
  • Victory Conditions
    • ROUND 1: Best of 5 Matchup. The team who is the first to secure 3 battles, wins the match.
    • ROUND 2: Best of 3 Matchup. The team who is the first to secure 2 battles, wins the match.
    • ROUND 7: Best of 7 Matchup. The team who is the first to secure 4 battles, wins in match.

Tournament Match Settings

  • Teams will be seeded in the brackets randomly by the system.
  • All Teams are advised to be logged in 10 Mins. Before their scheduled matchup. ( System Invitiations are sent 10 min before battle )
  • Instructions on how to join the Tournament Match can be viewed by visiting this page w/ video. Please ensure that your team is familiar with the process before the match begins.
  • Map pool (Attack / Defense Mode): Mines, Lakeville, Ruinberg, Himmelsdorf, Steppes, Ghost Town
  • Teams will either start with attack or defense mode and will switch mode after each battle. Initial mode to be determined randomly by the system.
  • Each battle will last 7 minutes with a 2 minutes break between battles


National Finals Prizes

  • Champion Team: PHP 30,000 (shared between the team)
  • 1st Runner-up Team: PHP 20,000 (shared between the team)
  • 2nd Runner-up Team: PHP 10,000 (shared between the team)