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2nd Anniversary Party: Philippines

Tank Commanders in the Philippines!

We're coming back with another big party near you! This time, we're celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of World of Tanks Asia. Are you excited yet?

Although we'll still need you to RSVP in the forum thread like we've done so before, it's a good idea to learn more about the event and what we're planning first before committing your time to it. So read on!


First things first: the 2nd Anniversary party will be held in Quezon City. Now that you know which city it's going to be held at, we'll give you one guess where it's going to be.

If you said 'Bear's Grill', you're right! Our favourite restaurant for two years running is set to host the WoT PH community once again on 26th April, and you're invited for a night of food and fun.

[PH] 2nd Anniversary Celebration Party
Date 26th April 2014 (Saturday)
Time 4PM - 9PM
 Bear's Grill, Timog Ave, Quezon City 1103, (02) 442 6494 ‎

Event Itinerary

If you've been frequenting the portal or the forums for the past few weeks, you may have heard that we're putting up a list of in-game events for players to vote on. The top three most popular in-game events will subsequently be held at the 2nd Anniversary party.

The poll is now complete and we've tallied the results. Ready to see what you've chosen? Take a look!

  • Co-op Mode: Party up and roll out! In this mode, two players control one tank - someone mans the keyboard controls, and the other serves as the 'gunner' by using the mouse - in a 7v7 matchup. The best tank crew wins 500 gold for each member!
  • Jump Challenge: Reach for the skies! Choose a tank with a top speed of under 70 km/h and jump off the bridge to reach the other side. To make things more exciting, you can't use the ELC AMX. Successful jumps will net you 300 gold.
  • 777 Heavy Tank Fight: It's back to basics with this classic mode. Take a Tier 7 heavy to a 7v7 Encounter battle in a limited set of maps (Ensk/Himmelsdorf Winter/Ruinberg on Fire/Mines) and defeat your opponent. The players from the winning team will get 500 gold each!

Of course, the in-game events are just a small part of the party happening in Quezon City. On the 26th, you can also expect these when you step into the venue...

  • Xbox Free Play Zone: Want to try World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition but don't have a friend to borrow from? Come on down and play a few rounds!
  • Cosplay Zone: We have a whole section for cosplay enthusiasts to parade their work and interact with other like-minded individuals, so dress up and go to town!
  • Shooting Gallery: Do you know your weakspots? Line up and take your shot at a tank cut-out while using a toy gun with plastic ammo. The weakspots are cut out for you so the foam bullets can pass through. Hit all the weakspots in 3 shots to win a prize!
  • Paint My Ride: Unleash your inner artist! A 2x2m canvas will hang on the side of the restaurant, with a large outline of a tank. It's your job to beautify it as best as you can! You'll receive art materials when you turn up at the registration counter.

Bonus Codes

Who wants some free gold? Join us at the party and you'll get some!

When you attend the 2nd Anniversary Event, you'll be given a bonus code that can be redeemed for gold when you get back home to play. We're not telling you how much you'll get, but hey, free's free, right?

Lucky Draw

Oh yes, you didn't think we would leave this out, do you?

We have a good spread of prizes for our Lucky Draw winners this time around. Some would say that these prizes are easily the best part of the event!

Don't believe us? Here's a little teaser: One of the prizes could be a WoT x Razer collaboration...


Everything is almost set for the next great gathering for the WoT community in the Philippines! But before you start marking the date on your calendars, do remember to let us know you're coming by RSVPing in the official forum thread here.

Happy Anniversary, and we'll see you soon!

Roll out!

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