[Video] The Last Waffenträger: Guess Who’s Back!

Many a legend was born during the already decade-long history of World of Tanks, and one of them is the epic story of the Waffenträgers. The harrowing tales that battle-scarred veteran tankers tell newcomers about steel monsters long gone… well, they’re all true. Those Tier X tank destroyers were absolute beasts wielding unmatched destructive power. One-on-one, a Waffenträger could obliterate any opponent with its high-caliber autoloader within seconds.

It must be noted that the story of the Waffenträger is far from complete. There are rumors that, somewhere, a single vehicle still exists, and due to the efforts of a creative, persistent, and gifted mind that gave a second life to this steel titan, it has become even more powerful than the Waffenträgers of old. And we happen to possess video evidence that the rumors have a firm (and highly-charged) basis in reality.