Т95: The Way of Tranquility

The  IX T95 , or the Turtle as it's often called, has been roaming around in Random Battles for a long time. But due to its low speed, it took some time to make its way to our show.

Fast, quick-firing and light: this is something the Turtle is not. On the other hand, it will surprise some with its thick front armor and damage per shot. Its combination of pros and cons are true art, harmoniously executed in metal.

Watch the video below to learn how to achieve Turtle zen!

Can't get enough of the T95? Add it to your desktop as a piece of amazing artwork! Please check the spoiler below.

Bonus: T95 Wallpapers


Click on any of the following sizes. Once the image loads, right-click, select "Save image as," and download the wallpaper.