Hunter's Choice - Desktop Wallpapers

Ready to strike fear into your enemies' hearts? These gorgeous desktop wallpapers featuring 3 of our newest 3D styles from Update 1.7.1 are ready to accompany you on your next hunt!

Simply click below to download the appropriate image sizes for your device.

Get These Styles!

If you already own these tanks, their 3D styles can be obtained for gold by clicking the Exterior button in your Garage and selecting them from the Preset Styles list:

You can also read more about what inspired them here!

These styles will only be available for purchase until the release of Update 1.8.

And if you've always yearned to dress up your  VIII IS-3 , you can grab thePike 3D style from the Premium Shop (together with the rare  VIII Object 252U Defender  in its dashing livery) from now until 26 February.

Don't miss them!