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World of Tanks Assistant 1.8 Released for Android

Tank Commanders,

Your pocket helper for android devices just got better with World of Tanks Assistant version 1.8. This update brings interesting functions like Clan Wars, Clan ratings, an updated Timeline, and the Clan Wars tournament table.


Now Available in WoTA 1.8

The Timeline has gotten even better. We’ve added a brand new mode to visualise the gaming
activities of your friends. With a single touch of the screen, you can switch to the “Charts" mode and see your friends' activities for the past week. Now you can find out how often the strongest friend you have trains to stay competitive. You can also enable notifications about your friends’ battles.

Thanks to the Timeline, clan commanders can now follow the battle attendance of their clan mates. Recruiters can now track the progress of candidates.

Fancy playing in a real team of like-minded tankers? The new version of WoT Assistant will help you choose a perfect clan. Clan Ratings contains all the necessary information and even more:

  • Look through the best clans based on a variety of factors.
  • Find out the position of any clan in all ratings available.
  • See the lists of the top 100 clans for different types of ratings.

By selecting the timeframe for each rating, check the clan’s daily growth and always keep up with the progress of competitors.

Still can't decide which province to capture? The WOT Assistant can help you. Searching for provinces is incredibly simple. There is a filter for the region and type of provinces, various types of sorting and direct search by name.

Want to take part in a clan tournament? Simply select the landing or revolting province with the highest income to compete for the biggest slice of the pie.

If you already own a province - open it in WOT Assistant to plan an expansion. The list of neighbouring provinces with the indication of income will help you make the right choice.

You can also view the whole list of all the clans participating on the Global or Event map.

As WOT Assistant continues towards the Android-friendly designs, some screens are completely redesigned in accordance with Google's new standards.



What’s New in Version 1.8 for Android?

  • Clan Ratings! It's much easier to keep track of your clan's rating position and other information.
  • Clan battles tournament table.
  • Grouped Timeline view with game sessions effectiveness graphs added.
  • Animated line charts on the Summary screen.
  • Stability improvements and minor fixes.


You can find the application in the Useful Software section on our website.

How do I get it?

Head over to Google Play to download and start using it immediately. The app is completely free for all devices and platforms!

Download World of Tanks Assistant today and get the latest news about World of Tanks anytime, anywhere at the touch of your fingertips!

The developers are hard at work making version 1.8 compatible for iOS and Windows Phone. Want to have the current version of World of Tanks Assistant?

Download World of Tanks Assistant for your phone here