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World of Tanks Assistant 1.7 Released for Android

Tank Commanders!

The World of Tanks Assistant is now upgraded to version 1.7 for all Android devices! The newest iteration of the best WoT app is packed with some major additions, including a newly-installed Tankopedia, a special ratings system and a leaderboard chart specially for comparing tanks. Read on to learn more about these new features!

Now Available in WoTA 1.7

Tankopedia installed and ready for browsing

Sick of navigating to your bookmarks folder everytime you need to look up a tank's stats? Just check your phone!

With version 1.7 of the World of Tanks Assistant, all you need to do is to fire up the app to scroll through the entire list of tanks present in the game, along with every bit of detail you'll normally find in the pages on the portal.

Ratings System: Measure your tank's effectiveness

Everyone knows that researched modules are often much better than the stock parts that came with the tank when you first purchase one, but the question is: how much better?

Fortunately, WotA 1.7 is here to help. Using an easy-to-understand animated indication system, the app will let you know the difference in performance between two different modules. Finally, now you'll know just how much bang you'll get for your buck when you finally decide to upgrade your newest purchase.

Tank Leaderboards: What's the best?

Which tank has better alpha damage for a Tier V medium? Does the ELC AMX really outperform all other light tanks in its tier? Just how good is the rare Type 59 anyway?

If you've got a burning desire to discover which is best in whatever situation you can think of, now you need only turn to the WoTA for the answers. Simply choose the category you're interested in and it'll sort itself with all relevant candidates.

Browse public information without logging in

It can be a pain to log in just to check the news on the Assistant. We know how that feels too, so starting from 1.7 onwards, you'll no longer have to log in to browse general news and information.

This means you'll be able to access the data from the Tankopedia, browse the news and scan the player/clan lists without ever putting in your username and password. Simple!

Of course, all your private information will remain locked behind the login screen - simply enter your credentials to access those if you want a look at them.

Bug Fixes, minor improvements and more!

Of course, it wouldn't be a real update without some bug fixes. Some of those have been patched with this update, so browsing the Assistant will be a better experience now!

Wait, what about the iOS and WP versions?

While we realise that version 1.7 is released on Android devices only for now, we're currently working very hard on updating the iOS and Windows Phone versions as well. If you don't possess an Android device and can't wait to use the new version of the Assistant, don't fret! You'll be getting it real soon.


What’s New in Version 1.7 for Android?

  • The Tankopedia is now available! Find out more about the characteristics of the vehicles found in-game.
  • Switch between tank modules at ease and measure their effectiveness in a specially tailored Ratings system.
  • View Tank Leaderboards measuring vehicles of the same class, based on a selected criteria.
  • Use non-private features (News, Tankopedia, Players/Clans) without logging in.
  • Now includes Personal Rating on the Summary tab.
  • Minor bug fixes.


You can find the application in the Useful Software section on our website.

How do I get it?

Head over to Google Play to download and start using it immediately. The app is completely free for all devices and platforms!

Download World of Tanks Assistant today and get the latest news about World of Tanks anytime, anywhere at the touch of your fingertips!


Note for all Windows Phone users: A new, updated version of the existing WoTA app is currently under development for WP devices. If you still wish to use the current version, please visit this link to download your copy.