WoT Plus: Now With a Free Trial!


We are glad to announce that the WoT Plus subscription now features a trial period: For 30 days, you can get a taste of all the additional benefits it offers—for free!

Who’s Eligible for a WoT Plus Free Trial?

Any player without an active WoT Plus subscription is. This includes tankers who have been WoT Plus subscribers in the past. You can sign up from your Garage.

Alternatively, you can start your free WoT Plus trial in the Premium Shop right now!


What Benefits Does the WoT Plus Free Trial Offer?

The WoT Plus free trial gives you the entire set of subscription benefits:

Attendance rewards: Receive a valuable item randomly selected from a predetermined list for your first login on any day. Every fifth reward will be a special one.
Gold Reserve: Working similarly to the Credit Reserve, it can accumulate up to 500 gold and opens weekly.
Intensive Crew Regimen: Every crew member in a single vehicle will gain 40 Crew XP every five minutes, even while you are offline.
Free equipment demounting: This applies to all types of equipment except for improved equipment and Experimental Equipment of Upgrade Levels II and III.
One excluded map: Together with WoT Premium Account, you will be able to exclude up to three locations overall.
An exclusive vehicle: The double-barreled VIII TS-54 will stay on your account as long as WoT Plus is active.

Learn more about the advantages and terms of the WoT Plus subscription in the full guide.


Please keep in mind that the first WoT Plus subscription payment will be made automatically 30 days after the free trial period begins. If you choose to cancel your subscription without spending any money, you should do so before the end of the free trial period.

Try out WoT Plus and make playing World of Tanks even more convenient and lucrative!