WoT Monthly June 2024: 80th Anniversary of D-Day


June is a special month. Eighty years ago, on June 6, 1944, Allied forces launched Operation Overlord—the largest amphibious military operation in history—with the invasion of German-occupied France. We commemorate the historic anniversary with a month of special events, themed rewards, streams, Twitch Drops, history, and much more.


Note: This is not a comprehensive overview, and some details may change.

Upcoming Specials and Events

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JUNE 2024
D-Day Token Store
June 3 through July 7
Trade your earned D-Day Tokens for a variety of items, including Premium vehicles!
Battle Pass: Season XIV
June 4 through September 3
Special D-Day themed rewards, including three brand-new tanks, unique crew members, and more.
Top of the Tree
June 5 through July 5
Discounts, missions, and bundles to get you to the top. Explore the Tech Tree lines for U.S. medium tanks leading to the M48A5 Patton and German heavy tanks up to the E 100.
Operation Overlord
June 6 through July 4
A historically inspired PvE mode where you storm the beaches of Normandy.
Normandy Historical Stream
June 9 at 00:00 (UTC+8)
Join our livestream from the deck of LCT 7074, including Guaranteed and Mystery drops.
Frontline Episode 1
June 10 through June 17
Battle it out in intense 30v30 clashes and earn D-Day Tokens—among other rewards.
"We Caen Do It!"
June 14 through June 24
Special missions and in-game discounts.
Battle Pass: Tankfest Special
June 20 through July 8
Collect Battle Pass Tokens and earn additional rewards from this extra Battle Pass Chapter.
June 28 through June 30
Historically themed and action-packed livestreams, Twitch Drops, special offers, customizations, and more!
Arcade Cabinet: Darkness of THE Night
June 28 through June 30
This latest iteration features unique lighting effects and nocturnal ambient sounds.

  • D-Day Token Store
  • Top of the Tree
  • Battle Pass: Season XIV
  • Operation Overlord
  • Normandy Historical Stream
  • Frontline Episode 1
  • We Caen Do It!
  • Battle Pass Tankfest Special
  • Tankfest Livestream, Missions, and More
  • Arcade Cabinet: Darkness of The Night
  • D-Day AR App
D-Day Token Store

June 3 through July 8

Collect D-Day Tokens in weekly and weekend World of Tanks Twitch streams, by interacting with the D-Day Events Map, and by playing event-related activities. Trade Tokens for Premium vehicles, plenty of 3D styles, and much more! See our dedicated event page for complete details:


Top of the Tree

June 5 through July 5

Take advantage of credit discounts, missions, and offers, as well as two new Top of the Tree specials. Climb the U.S. Tech Tree line to the redoubtable X M48A5 Patton , or expand your collection of German heavy tanks all the way up to the  X E 100 .

Battle Pass: Season XIV

June 4 through September 3

Season XIV immerses you in the pivotal events of June 6, 1944, when Allied forces stormed the sandy beaches of Normandy. Dive into the heroic tale of D-Day and earn lucrative rewards, including three brand-new Tier VI Premium tanks with Normandy-inspired 3D styles.

Operation Overlord

June 6 through July 4

Experience our historically inspired Operation Overlord PvE mode! As part of the iconic Normandy landings, this single-player combat scenario immerses you in the pivotal events of June 6, 1944. Fight alongside Battle Pass Season XIV characters against AI-controlled enemies, breach formidable defenses, and earn valuable rewards—including brand-new 2D styles!

Normandy Historical Stream

June 8

Join us from the deck of the only surviving Landing Craft Tank in existence, the LCT 7074, which was used in the actual Normandy operation on June 6, 1944. Tune in to learn about this remarkable craft and other D-Day history, and grab valuable Twitch Guaranteed and Mystery Drops! It all starts at 00:00 (UTC+8) on June 9!

Frontline Episode 1

June 10 through June 17

Frontline, our recurring 30v30 mode, returns with Episode 1 in the 2024–2025 cycle! For one week, partake in epic and deeply tactical engagements and earn D-Day Tokens. Achieve new ranks and cooperate with your team to outwit the opposition and obliterate (or protect) five massive gun turrets. Look for special vehicle offers that coincide with the event!

We Caen Do It!

June 14 through June 24

Engage in challenging missions and earn rewards that include a 2D style; take advantage of discounts on Premium and Tech Tree vehicles, crew, consumables, equipment, and Garage slots; maximize your battlefield earnings with a special XP to Free XP conversion rate, and tons more!

Battle Pass Tankfest Special

June 20 through July 8

An extra Battle Pass Chapter dedicated to Tankfest 2024! Be sure to check in on the D-Day Event Map to claim a mission for D-Day Tokens.

Tankfest Livestream, Missions, and More

June 28 through June 30

Tankfest happens once a year, and we've got three days of live streams from the world-famous Tank Museum in Bovington! In addition to fascinating history, behind-scenes access, and Twitch Drops, we also have in-game bonus XP, Premium Shop and in-game sales, and much more!

Arcade Cabinet: Darkness of The Night

June 28 through June 30

Are you afraid of the dark? Night has fallen, transforming the battlefield into a whole different place, sparsely lit by the pale moon. While this iteration of Arcade Cabinet introduces changes to some basic gameplay parameters, the spotlighted features include unique lighting effects and nocturnal ambient sounds.

D-Day AR App

Coming in June

Test drive the D-Day inspired interactive learning app! With the help of augmented reality, you can place 3D models of vehicles (like the Sherman and Churchill) right in your very own backyard. Keep an eye on our official social media channels for more information and fun ways to learn and win in-game goodies, and more!

Ongoing Activities

  • Battle Pass: Season XIII
  • Global Map: Season 21
  • Well-Deserved Reward
Battle Pass: Season XIII

Until June 4

Cowabunga, Commanders! Join an epic journey in TMNT Pass, featuring an incredible collaboration with the legendary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe! Progress through the Season to unlock awesome rewards inspired by the TMNT saga, including exclusive progressive styles as well as the Turtle team and their opponents as crew members—all with unique voiceovers.


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Global Map: Season 21

Until July 6

Global Map Season 21 features two months of intense territorial fights and War Games on Ceasefire days. As in the previous Season, the Global Map is frozen every Saturday, allowing you to send your best warriors to battle in Strongholds. At the end of the Season, the best-performing clans will receive rewards of gold and bonds in their clan Treasury.


Well-Deserved Reward

Until November 2024

It's time to accept your Well-Deserved Reward for years of service—a token of our gratitude for your unwavering dedication to the game, which grows stronger every year. The reward is available now and varies depending on the year you joined the game.


Commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, earn fantastic themed rewards, watch fascinating streams, and check out special events throughout June. Be sure to keep an eye on the portal regularly for the latest news, updates, and surprises!

Roll Out!