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World of Tanks: Mini Client

In our efforts to improve the World of Tanks playing experience from moment one, we introduced a new World of Tanks “mini client” earlier this week.

What is This New Client?

The mini client offers you a smaller download size that enables you to start playing in less time by giving you faster access to tier I-II vehicles and random battles. This is first and foremost a great option for new players who would have to begin from tier I regardless, or secondarily as a way to check if World of Tanks runs suitably on your PC and internet connection without having to wait for the entire game to download.

Note: Mini Client will be installed automatically during SD or HD client boot. When players download 1.5 Gb of client they will be notified «Game available at initial levels». At this stage, players can use mini-client.

Available in the Mini Client:

  • Tier I and II vehicles only
  • Tier III – X vehicles available only for research and purchase
  • Random Rattles
  • Hangar Tutorial
  • Battle Training
  • Maps
    • Mines
    • Mittengard
    • Ruinberg
    • Winter Himmelsdorf


Unavailable in the Mini Client:

  • Tier III – X vehicles for battles
  • Additional battle modes
  • Playing in Platoons (includes invitations)
  • Personal Missions

This can be a temporary limitation - again, the mini client can continue to download the rest of the game and become the full client. In other words, once everything is downloaded, every feature of World of Tanks will be available!