Announcing the Tank Festival 2019 Contest Winners!

Many a fun-filled moment was had at this year's Tank Festival, but according to you – our valued Tank Commanders – these were some of the best. We are proud to present the winners of the Tank Festival 2019 Contest, as follows:




1st Place moudame Alienware Area-51M Gaming Laptop
2nd Place Saltchocolate Tier VIII Czechoslovak Premium tank Škoda T 27
Exclusive Jan Žižka style
3rd Place nas_noil
4th Place kaneko8810
5th Place Tullo_15
6th Place SP00F
7th Place Ringil
8th Place Joey_Grayson17
9th Place solaris_aat
10th Place

10 lucky Participants were also randomly selected from the remaining pool of submissions to win a Škoda T 27 and a matching Jan Žižka style:

  • LifeOnLine
  • DanDan_Strong
  • zhuohaidong
  • HeroOr
  • tarosuke2
  • aniki_114514
  • Catbox
  • Fierce_issac
  • milkfun
  • Softee

Congratulations to our winners! To thank you for taking part, all contest participants will also be receiving an Emblem 9 as a reward to commemorate their efforts.

Further details on receiving your prizes may be found in the Contest terms & conditions.

Till then, you can watch some of the best moments from the winning replay in the video below:

We hope you'll continue to enjoy Tank Festival 2019 and make many more great memories with your favourite vehicles – see you on the battlefield!