World of Tanks Australian Prime-Time Periphery Server [Updated]

Tank Commanders,

Enjoy low lag battles on the Australia server that opened on 1 November, 2017!

The server is only available during prime time hours daily:

  • Start Time: 5pm AEDT (2pm UTC+8) [Updated]
  • End Time: 2am AEDT (11pm UTC+8) [Updated]
  • Extended Weekends: 24 hours from 5pm AEDT (2pm UTC+8) on Friday to 2am AEDT on Monday (Sunday, 11pm UTC+8) [Updated]

Just like most of us, we want to have our Australia server running full-time too. Help populate the server with more players and we could earn a full-time AUS server for ourselves!

Simply login to your Asia server account and click on the server drop down menu during these hours and select the Australia server. Then, watch the magic happen.