World of Tanks Magazine: Issue 6 Now Available

Tank Commanders,

Take a break from battle and pour yourself a drink, because the 6th issue of the World of Tanks Magazine is finally here!

This latest issue is filled to the brim with equal amounts of history and entertainment. Join us as we learn about the following:

  • Sikorsky’s Dragonflies of Steel: At the beginning of the 20th century, after the internal combustion engine was invented, engineers on both sides of the Atlantic engaged in a fierce race, watched enthusiastically by common men. Progress in aircraft design owes a lot to Igor Sikorsky—an engineer known worldwide as the inventor of the first mass-produced helicopter.
  • Rocket Artillery During the Second World War: During World War II, rocket artillery enjoyed tremendous growth, which made it one of the most dangerous and widely used modern weapons.
  • Queen of the Battlefield: The Matilda can safely be called one of the most controversial combat vehicles of World War II. What is even more amazing is that this outdated and design-specific vehicle fought throughout the entire war. Did the vehicle deserve the “Queen of the Battlefield” nickname?
  • Being a Gunner: The Commander of the 2S3 Akatsiya 152-mm self-propelled howitzer talks about his vocation and about the knowledge and skills required to be a gunner.
  • The Power of Words: Words said at the right moment can inspire soldiers to engage in a skirmish or save someone’s life, and encourage people to call for resistance or for peace. Read our article about five quotes that went down in history and the circumstances in which they were said.
  • Anti-Tank Symphony: A story about how a musical instrument lent its name to a prototype for a legendary rocket launcher.
  • Training Battle: What’s Inside? Hunting a wild beast, fighting Zombie tankers, racing and playing “hide-and-seek”—these are the wonderful features of the Training Battle mode.
  • Swedish Machine Gun: Update 9.16 is remembered by many players not only for the introduction of the improved visibility system and Paris map, but also for the addition of a newcomer to the Premium Shop—the Premium Swedish Tier VI Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. Let’s find out what the first Swede in World of Tanks is like.
  • Plans for the Future: Read the interview with developers of World of Tanks and World of Warships to learn at first hand about changes to your favorite games in 2017!
  • Quiz: Give correct answers to the questions for true World of Tanks and WoT Magazine fans and get a chance to win one of 200 Type 62 tanks.

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