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2nd Issue of Free World of Tanks Magazine Released

Tank Commanders!

The second issue of the official World of Tanks Magazine is now up on the e-shelves. This free magazine brings readers exclusive information on in-game content, in-depth historical articles, and offers that they won’t find anywhere else.

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In this issue

  • What’s so great about the AMX CDC for World of Tanks (explore it with ‘Let’s Rock’ special bundle)
  • Check out our Top 10 fictional military vehicles
  • Find out about the French engineer who gained the favor of a Tsar, changing the global car industry
  • Get insider info on what it’s like to be part of [WG]—main clan of Wargaming tankers.
  • Let Wargaming help you choose your next all-terrain ride with a military background
  • 10 surprising facts about World of Tanks Blitz
  • In-game offers and lots more!