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WG Social Mod: Share Your Victories on Social Networks!

Tank Commanders,

If you have no fears about showing off your battle results with your friends, here’s some good news. With update 9.3’s new World of Tanks mod, WG Social, you can now share your battle results on Facebook straight from the client. Want to show off your ridiculously high kill count or damage inflicted? Now you can share your personal score, team score, and detailed report too.

How it Works

Download WG Social mod here.

Step 1: After the mod is installed in the battle results window, 2 icons will appear – one for publishing your results on Facebook and the other checks your login status.


Step 2. Click the Facebook icon and log into it using your credentials. You could log in right from the results window in game.


Step 3. You could also enter a comment for the results you are going to share.


Step 4. If you want, you could share not only your personal results, but either team score or detailed information results.

The mod in future will be improved to have more options available for players. The latest version of the WG Social mod can be downloaded in the Friendly Software section.

Let’s share!

Note: The WG Social mod was commissioned by Wargaming and conforms to generally accepted safety standards. Wargaming ensures that the WG Social mod does not store user data and only sends them to the social network authenticated by the user. The company cannot guarantee that other modifications that are not certified by Wargaming are safe. All data and processes of the mod will not be used illegally.


Download WG Social Mod Now!