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[TW] WG community sweetheart streaming #4 (Oct 17)

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Tank commanders!

JilsaBB, the sweetheart of Wargaming TW office, has to date garnered numerous fans. During the last live streaming, besides JilsaBB, special guest Ring Girl NiuNiu also joined in the stream. The ladies played Tank Rally with lucky players picked from a random draw.

If you want to find out about the exciting programs we have planned on Friday, don't miss the stream!

 <JilsaBB and special guest Ring Girl NiuNiu during the last stream>

◆ [Streaming] WG community sweetheart streaming #4(chinese channel)


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◆ Live Stream Details(17 Oct, 2014)


  • Ring Girl appearance
  • JilsaBB platoon with random lucky players
  • Famous stream caster tactical strategies
  • Weekly specials and events information
  • Amazing lucky draw

Ring Girl PiePie


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