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[TW] WG community sweetheart streaming #3 (Oct 3)

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Tank commanders!

JilsaBB, the sweetheart of Wargaming TW office, has to date garnered numerous fans. During the last live streaming, besides JilsaBB, special guest Xbox Angel Joyce and famous stream host Romwo were also on site to demonstrate World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition as well as to examine replays on the internet. All players who watched the stream got to learn some strategies used by the pros. In addition, another World of Tanks pro player also made a replay and taught all tank commanders how to play using the Pz.Kpfw. IV Hydraulic, a rare tank that can only be gotten with the Razer DeathAdder mouse bundle. Now let us review the last streaming!

> WG community sweetheart streaming review (Sep 10, 2014)<



This week, besides the rich live content that we share for each episode, we will invite another special guest - the pretty ring girl of QYC Q3! She will come to see all tank commanders and stream alongside JilsaBB!


Do you know or remember this cute girl? If you don't  recall, here is a small hint: she is the WG Girl of World of Tanks Asia 2nd Anniversary party in Taiwan! So don't miss out on the live streaming this time!



◆ [Streaming] WG community sweetheart streaming #3(chinese channel)

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◆ Streaming content(Oct 3)

  • Ring Girl appearance
  • JilsaBB platoon with random lucky players!
  • Clan war introduction
  • Weekly specials and events information
  • Amazing lucky draw


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