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WG community representitive Jilsa invites you to join our streaming

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Tank commanders!

This summer, WG Taiwan office welcomed a new staff member, Jilsa! Jilsa is a Wargaming community representative with a beautiful heart. The most important job of a community representative is to interact with all courageous tank commanders, so this Friday evening, our lovely Jilsa will see you during the streaming and play World of Tanks with everyone!

◆ [Streaming] WG community sweetheart Jilsa!(Chinese channel)

  • Event Start: Aug 22, 2014 (Friday) @ 19:00 UTC+8
  • Event End:  Aug 22, 2014 (Friday) @ 20:00 UTC+8

Go to wargamingasia_chinese


◆ Q&A:

WG: Please give a short introduction of yourself.

♥ Jilsa:Hi everyone, I an Jilsa! I am the new Wargaming community representative, and this week I will begin to stream on Friday. I am just a rookie in World of Tanks, so skillful tank commanders please don't kill me!

WG:What do you like to do?

♥ Jilsa:I like to watch movies, especially anime from Hayao Miyazaki. I really like the atmosphere in his works very much. The desktop of my computer is Nausicaä from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind! Otherwise, I am a fan of Mesut Özil from Arsenal.

<Let's Roll Out !>


WG:How about your gaming experiences?

♥ Jilsa:I've always loved RTS games when I was a child, and once I was the champion of a game. Although FPS games are not what I specialize in, but I will do my utmost best so please trust me!

WG: What is your job in WG?

♥  Jilsa: I am a Wargaming community representative, responsible for the offical Facebook of World of Tanks, World of Tanks: Blitz and World of Warships and forum management for Taiwan. Besides the streaming on this Friday, you can see me at WG gatherings in the future!


WG:Which nation do you like most in World of Tanks?

♥ Jilsa:I love Germany! Because Mesut Özil is German. 

WG:What's your biggest challenge in World of Tanks so far?

♥ Jilsa:I think that aiming at the enemy and dealing damage successfully is really a challenge. Taking cover and postioning are also hard for me. I hope that I can improve with you all through the streaming.

<Who shot me from the bush?>


WG:What content will be shown in the stream?

♥ Jilsa:I will introduce events for the week (Facebook or portal), WGL S2 information and other eSport news. There will also be a Q&A session (please don't ask me strange questions XD). I will prepare goodies too. If everybody likes me, maybe we will have more opportunities to meet, for example platoon!

<Wondering how many tankers are going to see my stream on Friday>