Get Your Well-Deserved Reward!

Your Well-Deserved Reward is now available for claiming, Commanders!

Log in to the game from now through November 2022 to receive a gift from us, the content of which depends on the number of years you’ve played the game: credits, bonds, days of WoT Premium Account, and other helpful items that will be immediately credited to your account.

The Mighty Light Tank

For those who have been with World of Tanks for four years or more, you will now find the VK 28.01 mit 10.5 cm L/28 in your Garage. This powerful but unpredictable light tank will surely bring back memories for anyone who has made–or been on the receiving end of–a shot from its powerful gun!

Choose Your Own Rewards

You will also receive Tokens that can be exchanged for 3D styles, improved equipment, a universal crew member (of a selectable type, nation, and qualification) with a "zero" perk, and more. Simply enter the In-Game Store and select the Well-Deserved Rewards tab to view the full list of available items!

Here's a quick peek at some of the goodies you can grab from the Store:

  • Improved Equipment
Venting System Stabilizing Equipment System Innovative Loading System
Wear-Resistant Gun Laying Drive Experimental Optics Improved Configuration
  • 3D styles
Javan Rhino 3D style
AMX 50 B
Hel 3D style
Strv 103B
Montu 3D style
Assault Kit 3D style
Delicate Matter 3D style
Object 261

  • A bundle containing the new "Anniversary Scrapbook" 2D style, 3x "With Drawn Sword" decals & 6x "Well-Earned!" inscriptions

  • And much more!

Log in now and check out your rewards, Commanders!