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We want YOU to join the World of Tanks Generals Closed Beta Test!

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Tank Commanders!

It's time to introduce a whole new way to do battle. World of Tanks Generals, the newest upcoming game by Wargaming is almost ready for release, but we need able-bodied leaders like you to participate in its first Closed Beta Test! Are you up for the challenge?

What is World of Tanks Generals?

World of Tanks Generals is a free-to-play, turn-based collectible card game featuring epic World War II warfare. With over 200 unique cards to collect and crush your enemies with, each battle turns into an intense combination of sudden strikes, massive onslaughts and cunning tactical trickery in highly dynamic 1-on-1 online combat.

Choose from three different factions (USA, Germany and USSR) and their complement of card types to outsmart your enemy and dominate the battlefield, including headquarters, tanks, artillery, orders and squads, as well as special bonus cards that grant additional firepower or defenses, adding an extra dimension of strategy to gameplay.

World of Tanks Generals will be available on supported web browsers during the Closed Beta Test. In the future however, the game will also be available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

About the Closed Beta Test

The Closed Beta Test for World of Tanks Generals will begin soon, but you can already sign up to be a tester right now! To apply to be a Tester, simply visit the Generals portal here and fill in the application form.

When the Closed Beta Test begins, all Closed Beta Testers will be able to log in and play the game once they submit an application and are granted access. During the Beta Test, all participants will have access to:

Basic Card Decks

A total of 211 cards will be available, including:

  • Basic USSR Tech Tree containing 7 headquarters, 7 training cards, 37 cards to research and 11 mercenary cards
  • Basic Germany Tech Tree containing 7 headquarters, 7 training cards, 39 cards to research and 9 mercenary cards
  • Basic USA Tech Tree containing 7 headquarters, 4 training cards, 40 cards to research and 8 mercenary cards
  • 16 Premium cards (5 cards for USA and Germany each, 6 cards for USSR)
  • 3 premium Tier 4 headquarters
  • 3 premium Tier 1 headquarters for each nation + 3 premium cards in the pre-order bundle
  • 3 gift cards exclusively for Closed Beta Testers (Tetrarch, T37-A and 'New Year Gifts' order card)

PVP and PVE modes

Along with the usual 1v1 PvP battles, World of Tanks Generals also offers a series of training battles against AI opponents. PvE mode is an opportunity to master game basics such as movement, attack/counterattack, orders drawings and squad mechanics.


Achievements are awarded to players for exceptional battle effectiveness and are divided into the following classes:

  • Battle achievements (10 types during Closed Beta Test) that are awarded for outstanding results in individual battles.
  • Step achievements (5 types during Closed Beta Test). The requirements accumulate through the player’s entire history, battle after battle.

The most active Alpha testers will receive unique medals for their assistance in the development of World of Tanks Generals.


Players can place their order for one of the special bundles that includes gold bars (premium currency equivalent to 'gold'), premium headquarters and cards. During the test, they’ll receive tokens - the premium currency used in the Beta Test - instead of gold bars specified in the bundle description. After release, they’ll be given gold bars listed in the bundle description.

Sign up to be a Generals Beta Tester now!

World of Tanks Generals is shaping up to be a unique and fun way to control your armoured vehicles from a true commander's perspective. We can't wait to show it off to you, so sign up now and be ready to play once the Closed Beta Test is active!

To register as a Beta Test participant, visit the Generals portal and fill in the application form. Registrations will be closed once the Beta Test begins, so don't delay!

Please note that while we would like everyone to have a chance to play, please be aware that submitting the application form does not automatically guarantee you access to the World of Tanks Generals Closed Beta Test.

With that said, Beta Code holders will always be given granted a spot. These Beta Codes will be given out periodically through Social Media activites or other related channels, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Please note that all players can apply to be included the Closed Beta Test even if they do not have a Beta Code.

Let's Battle!


Visit the World of Tanks Generals portal and sign up for the Closed Beta Test