[Video] War Stories: Legends #3

Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?

Deep in the heart of Ensk, a SuperPershing lies in wait. A tactical error has claimed the rest of his platoon and now he struggles on alone.

The enemy descends upon him in a matter of moments. The commander of the SuperPershing steels himself for one last fight, but just before the killing blow is delivered, the cavalry arrives...

What is War Stories: Legends?

Most battles are run-of-the-mill; you fight, you win, you die. But once in a while, something extraordinary happens. A new commander's exceptional scouting skills paves the way to a perfect victory of 12 - 0. The severely damaged M4 Sherman becomes the MVP by hunting down the remaining enemy forces. And so on.

In this 4-part video series, we reenact heroic feats and incredible events based on true stories not just for bragging rights, but because some legends deserve to be told.

It's your turn, now. What's your story?

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