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'Virtually Inside the Tanks' 360 videos now on Youtube

Tank Commanders!

As part of this year's TankFest, we released a bunch of new videos debuting the use of 360-degree cameras. While they were previously made available on the Littlstar app, we're now adding them to Youtube as well!

All 5 videos are now available to watch on Youtube. Check out the embedded videos now and check back next week to view the videos for the 'Fury' Sherman and T-34-76!

Note: Videos can be viewed on android and ios devices, as well as the Google Chrome browser on the PC. Google is also actively working on further platform support for 360 videos. Anyone wanting to watch the videos on browsers besides Chrome can still watch the videos on Littlstar (mobile only).

T-55 / Type-59

Leopard I


Sherman 'Fury'