[Video] WoT to Know!

Hello Tankers!

My name is Vondle, and I’m the new Content Creator here at World of Tanks! I’m proud to present our new series “WoT to Know” which will cover all aspects of the game, and how to improve your tanking. Starting with the basics, all the way up to important strategies like side-scraping. This will be done in conjunction with a mini-series called “WoT is This” consisting of short videos focusing on key specifics such as Sixth Sense, crew management and more.

This video will touch on some important areas if you’re just starting out. Covering the garage, the very basics of crew skills, research paths and some great Tier V tanks to aim for while you’re finding your feet in the game.

We hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment on the video with other areas you might like to learn more about, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

This is Vondle, rolling out.