[Video] WG Food Bucket Challenge

Tank Commanders,

It's now time for something completely different. Introducing the 'Food Bucket Challenge', the ultimate competition between Wargaming Asia's various offices that aims to seek out those with an iron will and a stomach to match!

Each challenge will consist of one or two Wargaming crew representing a select office and eating a type of food specially chosen by the host region. Once they're done, the player(s) will proceed to carry out a mission before completing the challenge.

The host region is Korea for this pilot episode, who have graciously provided a locally famous spicy noodle called “Buldak fried noodle”. They have also chosen a Tongue Twister as the mission for the challenge. Watch the video below to find out who's the winner this time around!

Did you find it entertaining and/or highly educational? There are 4 more episodes remaining, the contents of which will be decided according to your ideas. Please visit the link below and leave a comment about a brilliant idea regarding possible types of foods and missions (in English please). Do remember that the foods you suggest should represent the regions involved (JP, TW, SG, PH) and are fully transportable.

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Thank you for watching; we'll be back soon!