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Video Trailer: Made in China

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Tank Commanders,

An obession with tanks can manifest in very different ways. Some of us create works of art (like our excellent artists here at Wargaming). The more inquisitive ones hang around in wartime museums as often as they can.

For one Chinese man in particular, he prefers to build more of them instead.

Meet Jason, our protagonist from China. Once a job-hopper looking for the perfect gig, he soon stumbled upon the art of creating models of vehicles and tanks in particular. Now, Jason is setting out to manufacture an all-metal tank model according to historical blueprints; an exact replica, differing from its original only in scale.

More than 3 years have passed since Jason set down this path. The challenges faced in the creation and refinement of the tanks have not been easy, but he believes in himself and his team. Throughout this entire time, he also takes the time to teach his son what is truly important: patience, diligence and being content with one's place in the world.

But his work will soon be noticed by millions worldwide. For now, watch the trailer of the short film - the full version is nearing release, so check back soon!