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Video: Tanks Smell of Bogs [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: The full documentary is now available! Watch it now.

Tank Commanders,

Our affable mechanics from the T-34 documentary are back again! In this short video, we follow them as they trudge through the swamps of Belarus in search of the abandoned tank carcasses left over from the Second World War.

In their search in the remote regions of the country, they enlist the help of the local populace, who point them towards the site of long-forgotten battlefields that hold the treasures they seek. Any useable tank parts that the mechanics find will be salvaged, cleaned and used in future restoration works.

What will they find in the swamps? Find out by watching this video!

Interested in watching more of their exploits? If you haven't seen the original T-34 documentary yet, you definitely should. Click on the button below to access the full video of the documentary.


Watch the T-34 Documentary here