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[Video] AC1 Sentinel Finds New Home

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Tank Commanders,

Some time ago, Wargaming restored and returned one of the world's few remaining AC1 Sentinels and returned it to its native Australia. It now resides in the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum. 

Watch this video to learn all the restoration and preservation of this rare and unusual tank!

Roll Out!

The AC1 Sentinel is currently a playable vehicle in World of Tanks.

Its cousin, the AC4, will also be available in World of Tanks starting today. 

The AC4 is a stronger variant of the AC1 Sentinel. It mounts the OQF 17-pdr, the most successful Allied anti-tank gun of WW2, as its main armament. Expect this unique vehicle to dish out heavy damage with every shot!

Both vehicles wiil be on sale in the Premium Shop from 03 June @ 14:00 UTC+8.