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[Video] Rust Mod

Tank Commanders,

Amongst our players is an active modding community. It is our pleasure to collaborate with them, and help them reach out to players internationally so that they can showcase their work.

This "Rust Mod" is one such piece of work created by the modding community. If you would like a change of atmosphere in your World of Tanks experience, please feel free to download the mod. 

The following paragraph is a description of the mod.

The world has been left in ruin. From the ashes of war, commanders must rise to face a new threat in an uncharted alternate history. Lying in wait within a deserted outpost are Tier 10 armored warriors. These older tanks have been maintained and fortified with what little resources remain. They may look battered, but they’re not out of the fight just yet. Now, it’s time for them to fight in one final epic battle. Think you’re up to challenge?

This mod presents more than 30 Tier X vehicles whose skins have been reworked, and a hangar revamped to match the theme.

Please note that this is an unofficial mod created by players, and as such, will not receive technical support from Wargaming.

If you would like to obtain the files for the mod, you may choose from one of the two options provided below.

Download options:

  1. Torrent file
    - Click on this link to download the .torrent file, with which you can download the files for the mod. You will need to use a torrent client in order to download the files for the mod.
  2. Direct download
    - Click on this link to download the mod directly, as an executable (.exe) file.

You can also find instructions (in English) for installation on the modder's website.

Roll out!