The New Vehicle Restoration Tool is Here!

Tank Commanders!

The Player Support team has released a tool to further help you recover your sold premium tanks. As with the current in-game recovery feature, all you have to do is to make sure you have a free garage slot and sufficient credits (Buyback price = Selling Price + 10% of Selling Price), and then send a ticket to the Premium and Rare Vehicle Restoration category so the tool can recover your tank.

There is no limitation to how many tanks you can recover as long as:

  • You have sufficient credits and garage slots
  • A new ticket is created for each individual premium tank recovery request – the tool will not process bulk requests
  • The tanks were sold in the ASIA region and not removed due to refund, chargeback, etc.
  • The tanks are not time-limited versions (Rentals, Frontline tanks, event tanks, etc.)
  • The tanks were not sold during the Beta test period
  • The tanks were not sold before they received Premium tank status (T34, Lorraine 40t, etc.)
  • The tanks were not sold for gold (like the T26E4 Super Pershing).
  • The tanks were not used for trade-in.

To find out more, you may refer to the relevant Knowledge Base articles: 

  • In-Game – Premium and Rare Vehicle Restoration (available up to 72 hours after the sale)
  • VRT Tool – Premium and Rare Vehicle Restoration (for all sold Premium and Rare vehicles)
  • VRT Restoration Cost Table