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Update 9.7 deploys on 24th April!

General News
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Tank Commanders!

Update 9.7 is complete and will be deployed to the Asia server tomorrow morning on 24th April 2015! Introducing some shiny new hardware to research, purchase and use in battle, the Update will also add two new Premium tanks and a new map modeled after the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

More information awaits you below. Read on for a preview of things to come, or check out the full patch notes instead!

Server maintenance

Please be informed that there will be server downtime while we make preparations for the release of Update 9.7 from 05:00 UTC+8 (23rd April, 21:00 UTC). The approximate downtime is 4 hours with a shorter downtime expected for the portal services.

During this maintenance, the following will be unavailable due to the update:

  • WOT Asia Server
  • Login services for:
    • Portal
    • Support Site
    • Giftshop

Note: All players, who had paid content (premium account etc.) by the start of release, will be compensated with additional 24 hours use term of that content.

NEW! French Light/Medium Tanks

A total of 7 French light and medium tanks will be introduced to World of Tanks, injecting new life to the French Tech Tree. These include:

  • Tier II LT FCM 36
  • Tier II LT Renault R35
  • Tier III MT Somua S35
  • Tier IV MT SARL 42
  • Tier V MT Renault G1
  • Tier IX MT AMX 30 1er Prototype
  • Tier X MT AMX 30 B

With these new vehicles, tank commanders like you can now fill the void with a selection of light and medium tanks, fresh out of the factory and ready to purchase with credits and EXP.

AMX CDC, STA-2 Premium tanks now available in-game

Two new Premium tanks will also make their appearance in their respective Tech Tress with Update 9.7: the flighty AMX Chasseur de Char and the trusty STA-2. Both vehicles sit comfortably at Tier VIII, which means they'll be able to take on almost any foe in the battlefield. They were once only available in the Premium Shop, but now you can purchase them with gold!

Team Battle Mode, updated

Join the battle for complete supremacy in the leaderboards! The new Team Battle mode allows you to create static teams online with your buddies and do battle with other static teams. The outcome of these battles will adjust your ratings score accordingly, which will be used to determine your position in the rankings list. Are you good enough to be #1?

Newbie-friendly Battles

New to World of Tanks and worried about running into experienced pros? No longer! A filter will be implemented in Update 9.7 to ensure that players with a low amount of battles will only be matched against other new players.

More vehicles with HD quality textures

Expect to see the following tanks in mindblowing HD visuals the next time you open up World of Tanks after installing Update 9.7:

  • IS-4
  • E 100
  • JagdPz E 100
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H