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Update 9.6 is Here!

Tank Commanders!

Update 9.6 features two new Premium Tanks you can add to your Japanese and French collections! The STA-2 and AMX CDC are fit for battle and ready to see some action. It's also time to bring in the new and throw out the old - strategies, that is. Some maps have been reworked and several vehicles have been rebalanced. New strategies are now needed to dominate the battlefields.

Read the patch notes below or watch the Update 9.6 video for ideas on how to improve your gameplay.

How to Download the 9.6 Update

If you have already installed World of Tanks, all you have to do is start the game launcher and let the client automatically update by itself. Otherwise, you can download the game client from the "Download World of Tanks" link:


Download World of Tanks


NEW! Tier VIII Premium Medium Tanks

At last, there are now Premium vehicles for the Japanese and French tech trees to crank those credits and XP at a higher tier.

The STA-2 has rounded armour, decent speed to get to the heart of the action quick enough, and a good rate of fire. Take this tank out for a ride if you're into some scouting and sniping. It has a good gun depression which comes in handy when you manage to find a strategic hill to position your tank.

Choose the AMX CDC if you're looking for a fast medium tank and a really powerful gun. Your tank will be constantly on the move to deal plenty of damage to enemy frontlines as well as avoid incoming fire. Alternatively, you can use its strong engine to climb uphill and make use of its good gun depression for sniper roles.


Crew Member Qualifications Now Changeable

Your tank crew can now be completely re-trained and assigned to other vehicles. Skills and perks can be redistributed.They can also be trained to have different qualifications.