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Update 9.4 is Here!

General News
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Tank Commanders!

In Update 9.4, you'll get to explore the new Stalingrad map, an improved version of Strongholds, and a new format for the Team Battle mode.

Check the patch notes below or watch this video for in-depth information about what to expect in 9.4.

How to Download the 9.4 Update

If you have already installed World of Tanks, all you have to do is start the game launcher and let the client automatically update by itself. Otherwise, you can download the game client from the "Download World of Tanks" link:


Download World of Tanks


New Map: Stalingrad

August 1942 marked the start of a bitter war which ravaged the city that bore the name of a prominent Soviet leader. The results of the battle changed the tides of Wold War II in the European region. In Update 9.4, you can now reenact strategic tank battles between vehicles from Germany and the USSR with this historical backdrop.


NEW! Strongholds

Fresh changes have been made to the Strongholds mode!

Note: A day after the release of update 9.4, clans will be able to attack Strongholds of other clans.


NEW! Team Battle Format

Major tournaments will never be the same again with this new Attack/Defense mode. Conceptualized with the collaboration of professional World of Tanks players, this game mode wipes out the option of a map ending in a draw. By the start of next season, all League regions will implement the new mode.