From China with Love: Meet the New Tank Destroyers

You asked for them and we’re happy to deliver! The brand-new line of Chinese tank destroyers is finally ready to rush the frontlines... or pack a punch from a distance. We’ve cooked up a short preview for each of the nine machines coming to the Tech Tree, so you can pick the ones that fit your style.

Low-Tier Vehicles

Lower-tier Chinese TDs have good view range for their class, combined with low visibility, meaning you can pack a punch from distance. Remember, however, that your armour isn’t too robust, so keep a low profile and wait for the perfect moment to ambush.

The line starts with the T-26G FT, a small tank destroyer with good accuracy and penetration. Weak armour won’t allow you to act as a front-line attacker, but you can deliver fire support from distance while staying hidden, thanks to the T-26G FT’s decent concealment. This machine is a great choice for those who've just begun their journey in World of Tanks, providing well-paced, smooth gameplay.

The third tier is occupied by the M3G FT that takes the advantages of its predecessor to a new level. Thanks to superior visibility, this tank destroyer is meant to hunt down rival tanks from cover. The disadvantages, however, are still there. Its armour is not robust enough to win open fights. What you can benefit from with the M3G FT is the choice of guns. The 57-mm has a great DPM ratio and better penetration, and the 76-mm barrel will boast better alpha damage and accuracy, while being short on firing and penetration rates.

The concept of “silent stalkers” continues with the SU-76G FT. Good mobility allows this TD settled on Tier IV take a crucial position in no time, where it can unleash its main weapon: huge DPM compared to its peers in the same tier.

Mid-Tier Vehicles

Moving up the tiers, you’ll find that these TDs have better mobility, topped with good alpha damage. On the downside, you have relatively large dispersion numbers, so getting into mid-range fights can be the play style of your choice, as opposed to classic hunting. All in all, you have some well-rounded machines in your hands.

Things change right from Tier V. The 60G FT allows for more aggressive gameplay, thanks to high DPM numbers and a great HP pool. The machine’s bigger size makes it sacrifice visibility, meaning that you won’t stay unseen for long. That’s why second-line support fire is the recommended role for the 60G FT.   

The WZ-131G FT is another great choice for those who like to provide assistance rather than shine on the frontline. It has a combination of great mobility and a superb gun, which means getting into a good position won’t take you much time. Use that advantage, so the enemy never knows where you’ll strike from next. And remember: no showing off; what the enemy will not walk past is your weak armour and low HP.

Tier VII is where it gets really big. The T-34-2G FT features a highly-popular 122-mm gun, with a fearsome combination of high DPM, intimidating alpha damage, and impressive penetration that make it an outstanding damage dealer. Accuracy is not a characteristic to shout about, so every shot must be thoroughly planned and prepared.

The largest, most powerful vehicle from mid-tier is the WZ-111-1 FT. Along with a 130-mm gun, it has sloped armour with 210–220 mm of effective thickness, becoming a dangerous counterpart at any distance—from sniper duels to clinches. Add in its –6 degrees of gun depression and you get a universal warrior effective on rough terrain, too.

High-Tier Vehicles

At higher tiers, you’ll encounter good alpha and firing rates that make these vehicles stand out. While their alpha strikes are not crazy like the Jagdpanzer E 100, they have enough firepower to seriously hurt their opponents. Like mid-tiers before them, high-tier TDs are more universal machines, with lower mobility numbers compensated by good rate of fire.

With a Tier IX WZ-111G FT, you can get very close to an opponent. Once you’re there, keep on pushing until you see the frightened eyes of their driver through their vision slit. This TD can charge any opponent, because it's built like a rhinoceros. We’re talking about 270mm of effective armour in its upper front plate. What’s even more important is the quick-firing main gun which is capable of unloading a tremendous 750 damage per shot, a crucial element in close encounters. However, be careful with your lower front plate. With just 170mm of effective thickness, this is a weak spot that will not pose a difficult target for an experienced tanker.

The top-of-the-line WZ-113G FT has all the same characteristics enhanced to withstand the severe Tier X competition. Better gun specs, better effective armour (310 mm in the upper front plate vs 190 mm in the lower front plate), more HP—this machine is a tough nut to crack and turns into a deadly weapon when used right.

We’ll keep sharing more information on Chinese TDs, including a thorough analysis of the WZ-113G FT, so stay tuned.