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Tanks On The World Map: Paris

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Tank Commanders!

Ah, Paris! A beautiful bridge, the city's reflection in the water, cafés lining the streets... the Paris map, like the city itself, holds many secrets.

Paris leaves no one indifferent. The development of the Paris map was the first time that the developers had worked with a place packed with so many prominent monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Palais de Chaillot, districts full of Haussmann houses, and cozy cafes. Now that we've done it, players can enjoy all these in World of Tanks!

Developing the Paris Map

The Paris map was created in 2015 for the Rampage mode. The map was great. Following players’ demands, it was decided to rework the map and keep it in the game. Now anyone can visit Paris!

This time, the developers considered all their experience and did their best to provide comfortable gameplay for all vehicle types—as far as possible for an urban map.

The Bridge

One of the features of the new map is a two-level combat area for heavy tanks. This is one difference from the previous version of the Paris map that you may remember from the Rampage mode. This new version of the map has a bridge, and players can fight both on the bridge and underneath it. The Trocadero area, the center of the map, also underwent changes. Specifically, the main streets that were exposed to fire have been reworked.

Repositioned Structures

A completely new layout of structures and large objects was created for this map. The Eiffel Tower is located beyond the playable terrain, but remains a good reference point.

The developers tried to have the map resemble the real-world layout of Paris in both the positioning of structures and the inclusion of little details characteristic of the city. For example, not far from the Ferdinand Foch statue, players will be able to find a café where Sergey Burkatovskiy ate ice-cream during a walk in Paris. When discussing the map, he mentioned that it would be good to add that atmospheric place to the Paris map. First, the idea was treated as a joke, but eventually it was implemented.

Recreating the Atmosphere of Paris

While working on the map, our artists decided to take vacations in Paris. By spending a lot of time in Paris, they were able to gather a deeper understanding of what Paris should look and feel like. As a result, they decied to make changes made to several districts in order to recreate the atmosphere of Paris with greater accuracy.

The developers also noted that Paris' terrain is not very flat; there are elevations. However, it is impossible to implement such terrain irregularities in the game, so the traversible terrain in the city had to be made level for the sake of gameplay.

Also, if you pay special attention, you can see light and other reflections in the puddles on this map!

Preview of the Paris Map:

These widgets will give you a look at the in-game map of Paris: