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Update 9.15.1: Purchasing Personal Reserves in Client

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Tank Commanders!

It’s been more than a year since the in-game personal reserves since we made Personal Reserves available in the game, as rewards from missions and other in-game progress. These are the personal bonuses that increase the rewards for the results of the battles for a certain period of time. They allow you more control over their progress, as the reserves can be activated at a time of your choosing, so you can spend your free time in the game with maximum advantage.  A great number of players have used these Personal Reserves, and feedback from the community has been positive so we are announcing something new today.

Update 9.15.1 will make the use of Personal Reserves more accessible and more convenient: it will now be possible to buy this type of bonuses within the game client.

How do I buy Personal Reserves?

To get personal reserves, you'll need to go to the garage, then click on your player name and go to the Personal Reserve menu. In the new update there will be an additional tab entitled "Buy Personal Reserves":

Currently for purchasing for game gold there will be four types of personal reserves available:

  • Additional XP for a battle (large) - +25% XP by the results of battles for 2 hours;
  • Additional XP for battle (large) - +25% by the results of battles for 1 hours;
  • Additional crew XP for a battle (large) - + 100% crew XP for the results of battles for 2 hours;
  • Additional crew XP for a battle (medium) - + 50% crew XP for the results of battles for 4 hours.

This doesn’t change anything else about Personal Reserves – you will still be able to obtain Personal Reserves as rewards for completing certain personal missions, and also from buying special packages in the Premium shop, just as it was before Update 9.15.1. Learn more about the benefits of using Personal Reserves in battle here.