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Update 9.12: New Map [UPDATED]

Tank Commanders,

Update 9.12 will bring to World of Tanks a new unique map: Berlin. This is a location of mixed types, combining street blocks and open spaces. The map will fully resemble the real landscape of the area and, in part, the location of the buildings and the streets.

However, it’s not the realistic terrain that makes it unique, but something else: this will be the first historical World of Tanks map created specifically for the new Rampage mode.

Berlin Map

Battles on the Berlin map will take place only in Domination format, 10 vs 10, with two or one flags:

You can also take a virtual tour of the map here. We advise you to reconnoiter the terrain in advance in order to have an idea of future battle-field and to get an idea of possible tactical combat actions on it: