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Update 9.1: Football Fever is Upon Us!

Tank Commanders!

Update 9.1 has landed upon our shores! If you've caught a fever (football fever that is), you won't want to miss out on the exciting features that this update has to offer. Get your football fix in our brand-new Football Battle mode and score goals while riding on a special tank. Also available in this update is Historical Battles where you can re-enact the Siege of Tobruk and drive over the battle-scarred city of Kharkov while experiencing an improvement in game performance. We’re also introducing a new ‘Marks of Excellence’ feature so read on to discover more about Update 9.1!

Check this video to see what's new in this update:


How to Download the 9.1 Update

If you have already installed World of Tanks, all you have to do is start the game launcher and let the client automatically update by itself. Otherwise, you can download the game client from the "Download World of Tanks" link:


Download World of Tanks

NEW! Map: Kharkov

This city was the site of fierce battle between German and Soviet forces during the Second World War. With the release of the next update, Kharkov will now join the other maps as one of the arenas featured in the game. Whether you choose to ambush your opponents in close combat in the city center, or snipe them from afar at the countryside, anything is fair game when it comes to winning.

Revisit the Siege of Tobruk

Australia’s most famous tank battle will finally be given its due now that Update 9.1 is released. The Siege of Tobruk is the newest scenario featured in the Historical Battle mode in World of Tanks, and will see Allied vehicles clashing with their German counterparts. Where will you be when the battle begins?

Marks of Excellence

Are you an ace with the IS-3? Brag about your skills with the new Marks of Excellence! This awesome new feature allows you to earn decorative Marks according to your ranking and display it on your tank for all to see. The better you are, the more Marks you can use! Watch your opponents run away in terror when they realise just how good you are with your tank.

New Mode: Football Battles

It’s football season, so get your tank ready and score some goals! Brought to you by the same people that gave life to the 8-Bit ‘Karl’ gamemode, Football Battles will prove to be yet another exciting distraction from the serious clashes happening daily in World of Tanks.

New Artillery & Team Battles Achievements

You will now be able to earn extra achievements for prowess with artillery in combat and team battles.

Counter-Battery Fire Rock Solid Cold-Blooded Gore’s Medal Stark’s Medal
Fire and Steel Heavy Fire Pyromaniac Promising Fighter No Man’s Land

Improved Performance

Update 9.1 will deliver a fresh new batch of bugfixes specially to improve gameplay performance across all clients. Now you can enjoy better graphics with better framerates!

View the complete patch notes for Update 9.1 here