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Update 10.0: Tank Customisation

In the closest update of World of Tanks, the customisation system will be reworked. Previously, emblems and inscriptions were applied on vehicles solely for aesthetic purposes. Practical benefits could only be achieved with camouflage by increasing a vehicle’s concealment during a battle. Soon, emblems and inscriptions will become as useful as camouflage.


What will be changed in the 10.0 update?

In patch 10.0, emblems and inscriptions will gain new significance. Now they give an opportunity to not only stand out by appearance, but also certain boosts to major qualifications of a crew.

Bonuses to major qualification can be for all crew members, influencing all of them, or individual ones, which apply to specific crew members.

Individual bonuses and bonuses for all crew members are divided into two types:

  •        Permanent bonus – bonus to major qualification of a crew that works during the whole battle.
  •        Temporary bonus – bonus to major qualification of a crew that starts working after implementing specific terms.

Important! All emblems and inscriptions applied to vehicles before 10.0 release will remain on them. Moreover, bonuses to major qualification of a crew will work regardless of the date of applying inscriptions or emblems on a vehicle.

More information about bonuses types can be found on the infographics:


How do major qualification bonuses work?

Each emblem or inscription applied on the tank adds specific bonuses to major qualifications. Bonuses for all crew members influence the whole crew, and depending on activation terms, they add either +1% (permanent bonus) or +2% (temporary bonus) to major qualifications of the whole crew. Individual bonuses work in a similar way: +2% for bonuses that are active permanently, and +3% for bonuses that are active after implementing specific terms. Activated bonuses will be displayed on the major qualification section on the left of the screen.

Details of summing up the bonuses

There can be a maximum of two emblems and two inscriptions on a vehicle. Bonuses from different emblems and inscriptions can be stacked in the case they give bonuses to the certain crew members or the whole crew.

  •        Identical bonuses from different inscriptions and emblems are summed up.
  •        An emblem or an inscription that gives bonuses to a specific crew member will work for all crew members with the same qualification (two loaders in tank IS-7, for example).
  •        If a specific team member combines several qualifications (for example, a commander and a radio operator at the same time), bonuses are summed up with specific qualifications. Example: for applied inscriptions and emblems, there is a bonus +2% to major qualification of a commander, +1% to major qualification of all crew members and +2% to radio operator qualification. All in all, a commander will get +3% to his major qualification, this number will be displayed on the major qualification section, and +3% to radio operator qualification.