HD Maps – Update 1.0 and Beyond

The switch to the new Core engine led to a complete graphic overhaul with every object being recreated from the ground up using new technology. The majority of HD maps didn’t call for level design changes and offer pretty much the same experience, but with greater visual fidelity. On the other hand, Erlenberg, Kharkov, Steppes, Ruinberg, and Fisherman’s Bay were considered problematic because of visible imbalances. They underwent prominent redesigns to end camp fests, ensure both teams have equal chances for control of the territory, and deliver an enjoyable experience for each vehicle class.

In the next few weeks, we’ll walk you through changes to them, explaining how these changes should address imbalances. Along with that, we’ll be offering you a closer look at Province that is getting major overhaul, a peek into new maps being tested, and a status update on maps getting recreated in HD in future updates.

Check out articles that have already been published!

Level Design Improvements to Fisherman’s Bay, Ruinberg, and Pilsen

Gameplay on Fisherman’s Bay, Ruinberg, and Pilsen raised a few eyebrows over time, and we used the HD redesign as an opportunity to improve your experience.

Level Design Improvements to Erlenberg, Kharkov, and Steppes

Read up on changes designed to end frequent camp fests on Erlenberg, give both teams equal chances for control over Steppes, and make Kharkov enjoyable for each vehicle class. 

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