Update 1.0: Brand New War Music

Over the last few weeks, we’ve detailed how graphics are going to be updated and maps are receiving a HD overhaul; now it’s the turn of the new soundtrack. After all, in the midst of battle, it’s not only the visual details that matter, you need to be aurally immersed too.

New Tanking Music

With the new soundtrack, all maps will have their own signature sound. Composed by Andrius Klimka and Andrey Kulik, these 60+ unique pieces of music all come together to form the new soundtrack. Each map has original music for the beginning, duration and culmination of the battle, as well as its own loading screen tune—an introductory musical accompaniment driving through the atmosphere and mood of the map.

Thanks to the dedication of our audio team and composers, each battle will really take you to the in-game locale and add the greatest aural fidelity we possibly could!

When setting about to write each new piece of music, the audio team carefully studied map history and locale. The guys met with historians and level designers—to uncover details of each map which might be missed at first glance. These meetings helped to determine the ethnic and geographical location.


With the ethnic and geographic locations understood, next came the work stage: the composers needed to decide on a set of basic instruments and melodies to use in the composition of each piece, for example:

  • Cliff with its Greek setting is getting a rich variety of local folk motifs and instruments
  • Airfield, El Halluf and Sand River feature a very diverse Arabic sound
  • Mountain Pass received very distinctive vocal tunes and the inclusion of Caucasian folklore

Local Aesthetics

To give the greatest possible aural fidelity, unique instruments were selected which were recorded by musicians all across the globe. But it involved more than instruments… Vocal tunes were recorded as a way of trying to capture the characteristics of the people local to the map’s region. In some cases, well-known melodies were used due to being synonymous with a certain country or locale. Westfield, Fjords, Malinovka, Paris and many more are examples of this.

Then came the hard part; it was all about mixing these sounds together to get one single composition which fit the map.

Musical Geography

There are certain sounds and compositions that are just synonymous with a particular country or region. Utilising this can instantly transport a listener from one side of the globe to another and this thinking was a major part of the new soundtrack. The introductory composition, unique to each map, plunges us into a small, localized world with its own history and mood and for us, this might only be a fleeting moment, but it will remain with its history no matter what.

RUINBERG: The sounds of the classical music against the backdrop of burning ruins on Ruinberg might be extremely familiar to some of you. That’s because it uses Toccata and Fugue in D minor by the great German composer, Johann Sebastian Bach.


MINES: When taking to Mines, you can hear Balkan folklore motifs and the composition portrays a moment of calm in the small village surrounded by mountains. This is soon interrupted by the exciting tone showing that the battle still rages on and the fight is about to begin.


MOUNTAIN PASS: Nestled in the middle of the stunning Caucasus mountains, a peaceful moment introduces the player to the map. A Caucasian soldier sings about missing his family, his house. But then shots are heard: somewhere in the mountains a battle has started and he must join it. He must go into battle; he has to fight for his country.


KARELIA: Church bells and old Slavic epics were the basis of Karelia’s composition. The poetic syllable of these epics are transmitted in the rhythm with classical instruments and vocals.


EL HALLUF, SAND RIVER AND AIRFIELD: The musical composition is based on the ethnic music of the Berbers. Arabic music is actually very different for the Middle East and North Africa. And since the battles of the Second World War are mainly connected with North Africa, the composition utilizes the folklore of those living there.


No Battle the Same

In addition to the introductory, loading screen tune, the game plays certain music during different parts of the battle based off the current circumstances you and your team find yourselves in.

Close to the end of the battle, each team has a different melody depending on the current outcome of the battle. If you’re winning or close to securing a win, a victorious tone will play to spur you on. If the tide of the battle looks ominous then a more somber tune is played to encourage you and your teammates to take out the enemy and secure the victory.


Combat music never repeats itself thanks to the efforts of our hard-working audio team who composed instrumental parts for each sound block. These sound blocks are randomly arranged in sequences, while the soundtracks in each block further adds to its aural authenticity. After all, each battle is different so why should the music be the same?

Still not taken part in the Beta? Why not join now and take in the stunning soundtrack and HD visuals!