Update 1.0.1 Common Test

IMPORTANT: There will be technical tests on the game economy on the Common test. Due to the tests, there might be problems with crediting free exp, credits and bonds. Hope for your understanding!

World of Tanks began this spring with the most crucial update in the game’s history. Today, we launch the first Common Test of Update 1.0.1, which builds on the recent visual improvements with a host of new content including the much-awaited return of Province. Read on for a detailed overview!

Italian Tanks

Italy is not just another nation. Equipped with autoreloaders, the top-tier Italian tanks add an original twist to the traditional gameplay. The autoreloader is hard to master, but pays off once you learn how to use it effectively.

Eleven light and medium vehicles coming in Update 1.0.1 fall into three main categories:

  • Low tiers. The “fledging” period in the Italian tank building, a time of copying successful designs from foreign designers and timid in-house experiments. A typical low-tier Italian tank is a thinly-armored machine with guns in a range of calibers.
  • Mid tiers. The “pursuit” period. Combat experience led to revising the approach to armored engineering and attempts to catch up with the leading tank superpowers. Armor got thicker and guns increase in size and firepower.

FUN FACT: Italian engineers attempted to design heavy tanks, but ended up with mediums, compared to other nations.
  • Top tiers. The “post-war” period. Influenced heavily by the “western” school, late Italian tanks featured high mobility, excellent guns with superior depression angles, and autoreloading guns paired with non-existent armor.
  • Tier I
  • Tier II
  • Tier III
  • Tier IV
  • Tier V
  • Tier VI
  • Tier VII
  • Tier VIII
  • Tier IX
  • Tier X

Fiat 3000






P.43 bis

P.43 ter

P.44 Pantera

Prototipo Standard B

Progetto M40 mod 65

How the Autoreloader Works

In automatic mode, the autoreloader can shoot one shell every two seconds. You can switch to the classic loading mechanic, however, if combat conditions require.

As opposed to autoloaders, loading time in the autoreloader differs for each of the three shells. In case with the Progetto M35 mod 46, it’s 12 seconds for the first shell, 9 for the second and 8 seconds for the third, and you’ll get similar proportions for the other high-tier mediums. These stats can be improved with Crew training, a gun rammer, or improved ventilation.

Province Revival

Italy advances on all fronts! This time, it’s a striking comeback of one of our most discussed maps—Province. Everyone had a strong opinion about this compact location that embraced highly dynamic tactical combat. Only available for Tiers I–III, the map had been intended to become an optimal firing ground for new players. Instead, it turned into a magnet for highly skilled tankers looking for easy prey.

We eventually took the map out of rotation, but now, after a lengthy revision process, Province is ready to re-enter the fray.

Province has grown from the compact size of 600x600 meters to 850x850 meters, and thanks to this change, the map now welcomes vehicles all the way up to Tier X. The revised design promotes faster engagements. Occupying your slope will no longer mean victory: you’ll need to attack the other one, too. If you don’t press forward, the enemy will—and the things will surely get dire. Running a successful attack will be quite a challenge, but if you manage to reach key positions you’ll be able to break through your opponents’ defense in power.

We tried to keep the environment’s character as a place of constant spotting and long-range shootouts. Along with that, Province has gained in dynamics and the variety of possible moves and tactical tricks.

Our intention was to fix Province’s design flaws, while also emphasizing its strengths. Please keep the feedback coming as it will help us tweak it further, so join the fray and share your thoughts!

Premium Shells & Consumables Now for Credits Only

Premium shells and consumables have been one of the hottest topics on the agenda, and during the upcoming Common Test, we’ll take the first step toward making a key revision to the entire mechanic.

For Update 1.0.1, we’re planning to disable purchasing Premium shells and consumables with Gold. And that’s just the first step as it will take some time to completely phase out the number of shells acquired with Gold. This is when the state of “shell economics” settles down and we can go ahead with rebalancing.

In terms of rebalancing, we will put several models through the paces in upcoming tests. The best “fit” will be decided by the community and dev team, so stay tuned for more news.

Frontline Returns

IMPORTANT: Frontline will only be available from the 2nd day of testing onwards, on 14th April @ 16:00 UTC+8.


Among numerous other features, the Sandbox server hosted the 30-vs-30 Frontline mode last year. It will soon return, this time to production servers, inviting you to join the attack/defense fight for dominance on a huge HD map.

The mode will be available on a temporary basis and will occasionally appear in the game.

Gameplay Basics

  • Vehicles: Tier VIII vehicles
  • Teams: 30 players on each side with an opportunity to team up in Platoons of five.
  • Roles: One team plays in defense; the other attacks.
  • Objectives: Attackers must break through defensive fronts and destroy at least three out of five pillboxes (explained in more detail further down). Defenders must hold strong and keep at least three out of five pillboxes intact.

We revised the mode based on your suggestions from the first Frontline testing reworking the battlefield into HD and iterating on its key gameplay aspects, from the vehicle roster through to economy.

Tier VIII Vehicles: Following your vocal concerns about Tier X economy and its constraints, we made Frontline only be available for Tier VIII vehicles

New Consumables:

  • Smoke screen: A cloud of smoke conceals tanks
  • Morale boost: A tank's Crew and nearby Crews receive a bonus to their major qualifications
  • Engineering crew: Decreases base capture time, increases the effect of knocking down base capture, and is able to halt the base capture if placed within the borders of the base that’s being captured

Overtime: The battle timer often interferes at the most intense moment of a fight. To exclude the time factor as a decisive element, we're introducing the Overtime feature. If the battle timer expires while the attacking team is capturing an enemy sector, the battle will continue until the sector is captured or the defenders protect their territory

Level Design Improvements: terrain, objects and their positions on the map have been significantly revised to promote diverse gameplay

Sector Capture Mechanic: Now, the fewer Tier I sectors you’ve taken, the harder it will be to capture Tier II sectors

The list of changes is long and substantial, and there’s a high chance that the final version of Frontline will differ from the one that’s being tested now. To help us find a perfect game balance for this mode, feel free to launch the Common test client, find it in the list of available game modes and jump into battle!

Full List of Changes


Main Changes


Frontline Mode

  1. Only Tier VIII vehicles are allowed in the mode.
  2. Two teams, 30vs30:
    1. Attackers must destroy at least three out of five main objectives (pillboxes) within the time limit.
    2. Defenders must defend the main objectives.


  1. Map size: 9 square kilometers.
  2. Functionally, the map is divided into 8 zones:
    1. line 1: starting zone for the attacking team
    2. line 2: starting zone for the defending team with bases A, B, and C
    3. line 3: bases D, E, and F
    4. line 4: zone with the main objectives (pillboxes)
  3. Strategically, the map is divided into 3 fronts:
    1. Eastern front
    2. Central front
    3. Western front


  1. Before a battle starts, players of both teams are evenly distributed among the fronts (10 players each).
  2. Players of attacking team start the battle in line 1.
  3. Players of defending team start the battle in line 2.
  4. At the initial stage of the battle, line 3 is not available to players of the attacking team. If an attacker drives into line 3, they will be attacked by an air strike of the defending team.
  5. At the initial stage of the battle, line 1 is not available to players of the defending team. If a defender drives into line 1, they will be attacked by an artillery strike of the attacking team.
  6. Once a battle starts, the attacking team has 12 minutes to destroy the main objectives (pillboxes) located in line 4.

Base Capturing

  1. Lines 2 and 3 have three bases each; at the beginning of the battle the bases belong to the defending team.
  2. In order to advance to line 3, the attacking team should capture bases within line 2.
  3. Bases are captured in the standard way considering mode specifics:
    1. to capture a base players should drive inside the base circle
    2. up to 5 players can simultaneously capture a base
    3. a total of 150 capture points should be earned by all players to capture a base
    4. if an attacker receives damage when capturing a base, progress is not reset but blocked for 5 seconds
    5. in order to reset base capture progress, defenders should destroy an attacker inside the base circle
  4. When capturing a base in line 2 (A, B, or C), additional 120 seconds are added to the battle timer.
  5. When capturing a base in line 3 (D, E, or F), additional 240 seconds are added to the battle timer.

Base Defense System

  1. Bases D, E, and F (in line 3) have a unique defense system.
  2. The capture speed for these bases depends on the number of captured based in line 2.
  3. If the attacking team has captured one base in line 2, they will need to earn 400 points to capture a base in line 3.
  4. If the attacking team has captured two bases in line 2, they will need to earn 250 points to capture a base in line 3.
  5. If the attacking team has captured three bases in line 2, they will need to earn 150 points to capture a base in line 3.


  1. When the battle timer elapses and at least one attacker stays inside the base circle, overtime is triggered.
  2. Maximum overtime duration is 180 seconds.
  3. The overtime ends, if the attackers do not capture a base.
  4. If the attacking team captures a base during the overtime, extra time is added to the current battle timer.

Zone Capturing

  1. When the attacking team captures a base, it takes control over this particular zone. Example: if the attacking team captures base A, it takes control over the zone located on the Eastern front of line 1.
  2. Once the zone is captured by the attackers, the defenders have 60 seconds to leave the zone. When the 60-second timer elapses, all vehicles of the defending team that remain in this zone are attacked by an air strike.
  3. Once the attacking team captures a zone, the next zone becomes available for capturing. Example: if the attackers capture base A, zone D becomes available for capturing.
  4. When a zone in line 3 is captured, line 4 becomes available, and the attacking team can start destroying the main objective (pillboxes).


  1. These are the main objectives for the attacking team.
  2. Durability of each pillbox is 3,000 HPs.
  3. They can be destroyed with shells fired by players.
  4. Ultimate frontal armor of 2,000 mm.
  5. Side armor of 165 mm.
  6. The rear is the most vulnerable part of the pillboxes (70 mm).
  7. HE shells cause 50% of their damage to the pillboxes.

Respawn Mechanics

  1. When the player's vehicle is destroyed, they are transferred to the respawn screen (if they have available vehicles for respawning).
  2. In this screen players can select:
    1. a vehicle to respawn in the battle. A player can select from any Tier VIII purchased vehicles. Such vehicles should be repaired and manned with a complete crew.
    2. consumables and shells. Standard consumables and shells will be resupplied automatically; Premium consumables/shells will be replenished only if they are available at player's Depot.
    3. preferred flank:
      1. a flank where more than 15 allies are currently playing will not be available for deployment
      2. there is a limit of three SPGs per flank
  3. Respawning takes some time:
    1. the destroyed vehicle becomes unavailable for two minutes
    2. respawn cooldown of 30 seconds starts after a player enters the respawn screen
  4. The number of respawns is individual for each particular player.
    1. when a battle starts, all players have 2 respawns
    2. every 5 minutes the teams receive reinforcement, and each player receives an additional respawn
    3. a player can accumulate three respawns maximum

Repair Zones

  1. Players can use the Repair Zones that are deployed on the battlefield.
    1. The radius of a Repair Zone is 25 meters.
  2. When a vehicle drives inside a Repair Zone, vehicle durability starts restoring:
    1. 100 HPs per second
    2. 10% of shells per second (from the initial number of the equipped shells)
    3. 100 crew HPs per second (conditionally)
    4. 100 module HPs (conditionally)
  3. All Premium shells and consumables are resupplied only if they are available at the Depot.
  4. When vehicle durability is restored to 100%, this Repair Zone becomes unavailable to this player for 2 minutes.
  5. If the player's vehicle receives damage during the repair, this Repair Zone becomes unavailable for 25 seconds.

Combat Reserves

  1. Six Combat Reserves will be available in the mode.
    1. Artillery Strike
    2. Airstrike
    3. Recon Flight: recon plane spots enemy vehicles within a particular map area.
    4. Engineering: provides a constant bonus to capture and resupply speed. Enemies receive increased capture block times and can be blocked from capturing all together by occupying the capture circle.
    5. Smoke Screen: a cloud of smoke deployed in a specified area and conceals allied vehicles
    6. Inspire: the vehicle's crew and nearby crews within a small radius receive a bonus to their major qualifications
  2. Before joining a battle, players should equip the needed Combat Reserves to special slots.
  3. 1 to 3 Combat Reserve slots (depending on the vehicle type) will be available to players (1 slot for MTs and HTs, 2 slots for TDs, and 3 slots for LTs and SPGs).
  4. Every Combat Reserve has 5 levels.
  5. In order to level up the Combat Reserves, players will have to use Supply Points.
  6. Supply points are earned for each new account level.

Rank system:

  1. Players will receive ranks for effective performance in battle.
  2. The higher the rank owned at the end of the battle, the higher the final bonus to experience.
  3. There are 6 ranks in total:
    1. Private: all player start battle in this rank.
    2. Sergeant: +10% to experience.
    3. Lieutenant: +25% to experience.
    4. Captain: +50% to experience.
    5. Major: +100% to experience.
    6. General: +200% to experience.

In-game hints

An alternative version of hints that explain game mechanics and aspects will be available. The hints will provide additional information about complex game aspects, such as shells, consumables, equipment, vehicle modules, major qualification of the crew members, skills/perks, battle modes, etc.  Such hints will be displayed upon pressing Alt, when viewing the standard hints.

“Suspicious message” alert

If you receive a message from a person not on your friends list and not a member of your clan, a special notification will appear reminding you of potential issues you might face if you open messages from strangers. After closing the notification several times, it will not be displayed any more.

New rules of purchasing shells and consumables

Premium shells and consumables can be purchased only for credits.

Added information about clans in the Stronghold mode

In the Stronghold mode, added functionality of displaying the top clans (according to Elo-rating), when waiting for an opponent in Skirmishes and Advances, and also when waiting for a new battle in Advances. Each division has its own top clans.

The information displays the clan emblem, clan tag, position on the leaderboard, and the Elo-rating.


Added a new summer map: Province.

Moved the respawn zones of both teams further from the center of the Glacier map. Now, there are specific respawn points for particlar vehicle types.

Improvements and Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue of improperly displayed concealment values for unique Premium vehicles.
  • Improved dynamic dirtying of vehicles.
  • Fixed a number of issues related to penetration decals, missing sounds/effects of incoming hits, and improper display of the penetration marker. 

Vehicle Changes


VK 72.01 (K)

  • Improved turret and hull side armor.
  • Changed penetration of the Gr 39 H3A G shell for the 15 cm Kw.K. L/38 from 334 mm to 350 mm



The following vehicles have been added (Tiers I-X):

  • Fiat 3000
  • L6/40 and M14/41
  • M15/42
  • P26/40
  • P.43
  • P.43 bis
  • P.43 ter
  • P.44 Pantera
  • Prototipo Standard B
  • Progetto M40 mod. 65

Added new Italian crew members: a total of 21 male and 23 female crew members.




  • Replaced the 12150L7 engine (580 h.p.)  with the 12150L7B engine (700 h.p.)
  • Decreased dispersion on turret traverse of the 105 mm L7C gun by 17%
  • Changed the reload time of the 105 mm L7C gun from 10.2 s to 8.7 s
  • Changed the view range from 400 m to 420 m
  • Changed penetration of the HEAT M456 shell from 330 mm to 350 mm




  • Changed dispersion of 105 mm Gun M68 from 0.35 m to 0.33 m
  • Decreased dispersion on gun traverse of 105 mm Gun M68 by 20%
  • Changed the aiming time of 105 mm Gun M68 from 1.8 s to 1.6 s
  • Changed penetration of the HEAT-T T384E4 shell from 330 mm to 350 mm
  • Changed the top speed from 48.3 km/h to 50 km/h
  • Changed the reverse speed from 20 km/h to 23 km/h
  • Changed the engine power of the Continental AVDS-1790-2 engine from 750 h.p. to 950 h.p.


  • Replaced the Continental AOI-1195-5 engine (560 h.p.)  with the Continental AOI-1195-5A engine (750 h.p.)
  • Decreased dispersion during movement by 25%
  • Decreased dispersion on hull traverse by 25%
  • Changed the reload time of 120 mm Gun T123E6 from 9.12 s to 8 s
  • Changed the durability from 2,000 HP to 1,900 HP