Get Unique Vehicles at the World of Tanks Auction 2024!

The World of Tanks Auction returns with five unique lots, Commanders!

From January 24 to 28, you have the chance to bid for and win exceptionally rare, high-tier vehicles for Free XP or credits at a special Auction. Every lot will be something unique that you don’t want to miss. There may be brand-new vehicles that will captivate you with their novelty and thrilling gameplay. Certain tanks will distinguish themselves through their striking appearance or unique, collectible status. Watch the video below for more details!

The Auction 2024

January 24 through January 28

Bids accepted from 10:00 UTC+8 through 23:00 UTC+8

Accessing the Auction

Enter the Auction through the dedicated page in the in-game Store. Be sure to check it daily during the Auction period!

Auction Rules

  1. Experience a Dynamic Open Auction: In the open format, every lot is available for bidding at any moment during its active period. You will see the number of available items, the minimum bid, and the deadline for accepting new bids. You will also see the number of bids that have already been made and the competitive (median) bid (after the number of bids has exceeded the number of available items).

  2. Bid with Free XP or Credits: Each lot exclusively accepts bets in one predetermined in-game currency: Free XP or credits. If the cost of a lot is specified in Free XP, the use of credits will not be possible, and vice versa.

  3. Bid Comfortably with Your Chosen Amount: The specified amount in Free XP or credits will be automatically deducted from your account.

  4. Manage Your Bids in Real Time: Adjust or cancel your bid while the lot is active. Once the lot closes, no modifications or cancellations are possible, and new bids won't be accepted. Cancelling a bid ensures the return of the spent credits or Free XP to your account.

  5. Cross Your Fingers for Victory: The number of winning players will depend on the number of items available. If multiple players make the lowest winning bid and there are more of these players than items to be distributed, priority goes to the players who placed their bids first.

  6. Enjoy Quick Rewards and Refunds: Within a few hours of the bid deadline, victorious auction participants will receive their unique vehicles. The remaining participants receive their bids back in full. 

If 1,000 auction participants made identical lowest winning bids, and if there are only 500 items to be distributed, the 500 earliest bids will winItems obtained through the auction are non-refundable. 

Place your bids to get truly unique vehicles, Commanders!