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Update 9.15: DirectX 11 Support

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Tank Commanders,

The release of Update 9.15 will bring significant changes to the technical aspects of the game World of Tanks. The new patch willl apply an updated version of the current game engine, which has been updated to support DirectX11 (DX11). The updates game client will automatically set graphics processors that support DX11 to use DX11, whereas graphics processors that do not support DX11 will continue to use DX9.  

What are the benefits of adopting DX11?

DX11 will make it possible to boost game client performance across the board. The level of improvement will vary, depending on each computer's configuration. The biggest increase in performance will be seen in medium- and high-end configurations, because the most notable optimisation will be on the configurations with two or more physical processor cores.

What will moving to DX11 give in future?

DX11 support will allow us to adopt advanced technological solutions currently in the game industry. In future, World of Tanks will be able to effectively take advantages of features that are commonly included in most modern PCs. In addition to supporting such features, the new version of the game engine will allow us to employ graphics technologies that enhance the visual component of the game. Qualitative development of the technical aspects of Worlds of Tanks will continue, so as to continually improve users' gaming experiences.

Important! To ensure that the game client functions correctly, we strongly recommend that players use the most updated version of their graphics card drivers. The latest drivers can be found on the graphics card manufacturers' websites:

In the event that your game client ceases to run, inclusive of scenarios where the graphics settings you have set are not supported by your computer, one solution is to reset the settings of the game client via the launcher:

  •          Start the launcher
  •          Click to the arrow next to the button “Play”
  •          Select “Launch the game with reset graphic settings”

If you face technical difficulties after updating your game client to Version 9.15, send a ticket to our Customer Service Centre.

In your ticket, describe the problem in detail and list the actions that you’ve already taken to resolve it. If the game client has been successfully updated to the latest version, but a problem has appeared during launch or during the game, please attach a WGCheck report to the ticket. That will enable us to more quickly resolve the problem.

Before you create a ticket, please make sure that the problem can be reproduced in the game client without the addition or activation of any mods. 

Roll Out!