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The Tank Journey in Tamborine, Queensland

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This Team Challenge happened in Australia. It was EL Gaming vs Meltdown - two of the best eSports teams of APAC.

Camo Battle!

Both teams decorated their tank and players around APAC voted for the winner. There’s no room for losers. The losing team’s car got crushed by a tank!

Surprise, surprise! EL Gaming cheered even though they lost. Smart move – they painted the team names of their strongest opponents on the car.

Challenge: Turret Race

To win, a team had to complete one turret rotation before the other team did. Finishing a full turret rotation took over 200 rotations! The turrets carried a bucket of water each, the team who still had the most water after the match would win in the case of a tie.

Tank Wash, Amphibious Ride

Both teams got to ride a tank. They went over the land and crossed a small body of water too. As good sports, they helped clean the tank!