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Tank Masters - Upcoming mobile app in the 'Useful Software' section [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Tank Masters is now available! Click here to download a copy on the Apple Store, or use this link if you're using an Android device instead. Alternatively, you can also find it in the Useful Software page!

Tank Commanders!

We’re proud to introduce the upcoming mobile application called Tank Masters. Essentially a puzzle game about tanks, the game lets you take on the role of an engineer designing new tank equipment built in the period from 1920 - 1960. The game is developed by our partners Bytex LLC and will be available for both iOS and for Android early March. When released, the app will be found at the Useful Software section of the portal.

The initial release will feature the USSR school of tank engineering. In future updates however, Germany, the USA, Great Britain and France will be added to the game too.

Starting the game with 4 basic elements, you will soon gain access to more complex real historical units and mechanisms. Each unit and mechanism will also be supported by small historical notes found in the game. What's more, you will also get acquainted with the famous tank engineers who created these unique vehicles that were truly ahead of its time.

This knowledge of history, logics and imagination will allow you to create your first tank, and you will begin a long and sometimes complicated, but very interesting way of development and modernization. Eventually, you will find yourself tinkering at the top of the USSR tank engineering, featuring the legendary IS-7 and T-62A, among others.

Note: The mobile app can be downloaded and played for FREE. Only access to in-game tips will require microtransactions.

Designed from the ground-up as an easy-to-play mobile game app, Tank Masters promises to entertain both seasoned and young tank commanders alike.

Stay tuned for more news of its release! Roll out!